On the grand opening of the new gym in the municipal unitary enterprise


This year in our country is marked by a small homeland. Cities and towns are being improved, new social facilities are opening up - schools, preschool institutions, shops and recreation areas. And all this so that our Republic of Belarus from year to year becomes more comfortable and more beautiful. On November 8, the Pinsk district also hosted a solemn and significant event - the opening of a new gym in the Svitanak children's rehabilitation and health center.

The development of mass physical culture and sports in the country, the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, the education of a physically hardened, strong spirit of the young generation are among the priorities of the state policy of our country. And a new object in the Svitanka can serve as confirmation of this. Its commissioning will allow to organize high-quality sports and mass competitions not only for children on rehabilitation, but also to hold events of regional, as well as regional and republican scale.

Construction of the gym, reconstruction of the boiler room, improvement of the adjacent territory were carried out as part of the implementation of the State Program to Overcome the Consequences of the Chernobyl Disaster for 2011-2015 and for the period to 2020. The builders (and the general contractor was the GPP SUP "Association" Brestoblselstroy ") managed to cope with all the work efficiently and on time. In total, 5.8 million rubles were spent on the construction of the gymnasium and the reconstruction of the boiler room.

The new facility has turned out modern and meets all requirements. So, in a separate two-storey building, which is closely adjacent to the school, there is a large gym, where you can train and hold competitions in basketball, volleyball, mini-football. The hall is equipped with changing rooms with showers and bathrooms, cabinets for coaches, a referee’s room, rental of skis and tourist equipment, a gym, 134 seats for spectators, a necessary set of sports equipment, an electronic scoreboard, and a lifting platform for wheelchair users. A special highlight of the gym - climbing wall, which is one of the best in Belarus.

The honorary guests attended the opening ceremony of the new sports hall - Chairman of the Brest Regional Executive Committee Anatoly Vasilyevich Lis, Director of the Republican Center for Health Improvement and Spa Treatment of the Population Gennady Nikolayevich Bolbatovsky, Chairman of the Pinsk Regional Executive Committee Igor Maximovich Brielevich, Chairman of the Pinsk District Council of Deputies Iosif Ivanovich Guzich, Director General of the Brestoblselstroy Association Vladimir Fedorovich V Abishevich and others.

In his speech, the chairman of the regional executive committee A.V. Lees noted that in our country it has already become a good tradition to open new social facilities by November 7:

- Today in the "Svitanka" opens a gym. It is made primarily for children who have suffered from the Chernobyl disaster, so that they improve their health. The center is open all year round, so good conditions should be created for children for training, food, physical education and sports. In the region, significant funds are allocated annually to maintain the material base of institutions that are engaged in children's rehabilitation.

A.V Lis presented the children with a multifunctional sports simulator and a basket of sweets as gifts to the children at Svitanka, the general director of the Brestoblselstroy association V.F. Vabishchevich - acoustic system certificate. Director of the cultural rehabilitation center "Svitanak" V.K. Begeba warmly thanked all those who contributed to the construction, and also stressed that the gym will serve many generations of children who will come here to heal.

          After the ceremony of cutting the red ribbon to the sounds of the orchestra, the guests passed into the hall, where an excursion was organized for them. A new comfortable complex on the same day was chosen by young athletes - beginning climbers showed their skills at the climbing gym, and games and competitions were organized for the rest of the children.