< span style = "color: black"> On the territory of the Mogilev region during the winter holidays from December 26, 2018 to January 7, 2019, 245 health camps with day stay were organized, including on the basis of general secondary and additional education institutions 229 camps that will work for 7 days and 16 camps will receive schoolchildren for 6 days on < / span> base sports facilities. In total, during the winter holidays 8,000 children will recover.

< span style = "color: black"> For these purposes, the representative office of the Mogilev Regional Department of the Republican Center for Health Improvement and Spa Treatment of the population allocated 230.0 thousand rubles.

During the work of the camps, the guys are busy with various competitive games, intellectual programs, matinees, walks, excursions, preventive and thematic conversations, visits to cinemas, various fitness and recreational activities are organized for them.

The total cost of the voucher on average in the region, according to estimates made in the camp for a period of 6 days for children of 6-10 years old - 33 rubles 14 kopecks, 11-13 years old - 36 rubles 24 kopecks, 14-17 years old - 39 rubles 90 kopecks, for 7 days 6-10 years old - 38 rubles 40 kopecks , 11-13 years old - 41 rubles 80 kopecks, 14-17 years old - 44 rubles 15 kopecks.

To reduce the cost of vouchers provided state assistance for staying in the camp within 6 days in the amount of 25 rubles 20 kopecks and 7 days 29 rubles 40 kopecks.

It’s interesting, informative and useful for children to spend this time thanks to experienced teachers.

The free time of the guys will be filled with content and meaning!