On the rehabilitation of children of the Gomel region during the winter holidays

During the winter holidays in the territory of the Gomel region, there were about 400 recreation camps with daytime stays of various profiles, in which more than 10,600 children underwent rehabilitation.
For this purpose, 310,17 thousand rubles were allocated from state funds, to reduce the cost of a voucher per child per day 4 rubles 20 kopecks.
The work of the camps was carried out with an approved mode of operation, as a rule, from 8.00 to 16.00, with 3 meals a day in accordance with age categories, drinking regime and daytime sleep for younger students, as well as with compliance with sanitary, fire-fighting and other requirements imposed during the organization of children's health improvement in accordance with the Directive of the President of the Republic of Belarus “On measures to strengthen public safety and discipline” of March 11, 2004 No. 1. Access control was organized in all camps.
When organizing the rehabilitation of children in day camps, special attention was paid to the rehabilitation of minors from large, low-income and single-parent families, children in socially dangerous situations and consisting of various types of registration, and intra-school control.
One of the important areas of educational work during the winter holidays is the prevention of child injuries. Together with the staff of the juvenile affairs inspectorate, the State traffic inspectorate, the OVSOD, the Emergencies Ministry, the energy inspectorate, and medical institutions, interdepartmental thematic discussions were held with the children: “Safe New Year”, “Caution - thin ice!”, “If you want to be healthy - temper”, “Measures precautions during the winter holidays ”,“ Injury prevention ”, legal digest“ Administrative criminal liability of minors ”.
In order for the winter holidays to be interesting, and the children’s leisure was diverse, volunteer matinees, various contests and games, walks to parks, excursions to museums, theaters, temples, exhibitions, watching movies, relay races, sportlandia, drawing competitions and other events.
About 600 children, including the winners of international, regional and republican art contests, sports competitions, disabled children, children from large, low-income families, orphans, took part in the New Year's charity festival, which took place on December 26, 2018 on the basis of urban center of culture with the participation of the chairman of the Gomel City Executive Committee Kirichenko PA, as well as more than 1,400 children took part in the regional charity New Year's holiday, which was organized on December 28, 2018 on the basis of D melskogo State Circus with the participation of Governor of Gomel Region V. Dvornikov.
All activities carried out during the winter holidays in the health camps were aimed at preserving and strengthening the health of children, developing civil, patriotic and spiritual and moral education. Rested schoolchildren with new forces began training sessions.