About the work of sanatorium organizations of the Grodno region in 2018

In 2018, 66 148 people were rehabilitated in the sanatorium organizations of the Grodno region, including 22,654 foreign citizens. The average occupancy rate of resorts was 78.6%.
18,246 vouchers were sold to the Republican center for rehabilitation and sanatorium-resort treatment of the population by health resorts of the region. Proceeds from the sale of services amounted to a total of 51,044 thousand rubles. Sales growth rate was 112%. The number of foreigners who visited the sanatoriums of the region in 2018 also increased to 22,654 people, and their implementation by 107, 6%.
According to Presidential Decree No. 462 “On the Establishment of a Visa-Free Order for the Entry and Exit of Foreign Citizens”, foreigners can stay in a visa-free zone for up to ten days. With the expansion of a visa-free regime, sanatoriums located on the territory of Grodno and the Grodno district became accessible to foreign citizens: Open Joint-Stock Company Ozerny Sanatorium, branch Porechie Sanatorium of Belagrazdravnitsa Open Joint-Stock Company, Sanatorium Subsidiary Unitary Enterprise "Neman- 72"and sanatorium "Pearl"of the service unitary enterprise "AzotService".
An excellent medical base of sanatoriums allows for ten days to complete a full course of rehabilitation, rehabilitation procedures and rest. In total, in 2018, 2,053 foreigners took advantage of this opportunity. It should be noted that the number of our guests who are visiting for recuperation without a visa for a long time is growing. In 2017, in this regard, sanatoriums provided mainly hotel services. The further development of a visa-free regime for the stay of foreigners in our country will bring Belarus significant benefits.
According to the results of work in 2018, the Grodno Regional Department of the Republican Center for Health Improvement and Spa Treatment of the population was recognized as the best in Belarus, and among the sanatoriums for adults, the Radon sanatorium won the third place in the republic.