About an unforgettable spring break in 2019 in the Brest Region

Vacations - time for games, entertainment, freedom in choosing activities, relieving accumulated tension, replenishing expended forces, restoring health. Rest in the camp is a great opportunity to develop various intellectual, cognitive and creative abilities of children.
Visiting day camps with day stay, which are organized in the region during the vacation period, children, being under the supervision of educators, receive not only quality recreation, but also a lot of interesting activities that reveal the creative potential of each child. Here, boys and girls live according to the regime, go on excursions, cinemas, theaters, participate in various events. In addition, every day the guys get a full three meals a day.
In the region during the spring break, work was organized in 241 camps with day stay at the bases of general secondary education institutions, additional education for children and youth, and at the bases of specialized educational and sports institutions, in which 10,555 children underwent rehabilitation.
The average cost of vouchers to health camps with a day stay in the region amounted to 37.03 rubles. Of these, in the form of a reduction in the cost of vouchers, each child received state aid in the amount of 25.20 rubles. In total, state support in the amount of 252.0 thousand rubles was provided for these purposes.
When recruiting health camps, special attention was paid to children of socially unprotected categories. 99 orphans, 73 disabled children, 267 children in a socially dangerous situation and registered with preventive registration were improved.
The programs on which the camps worked included activities aimed at improving, rest and raising children. The task of the teaching staff was to raise the importance of a healthy lifestyle, it is interesting and entertaining to organize free time during the holidays.
For example, in the GUO "Gymnasium of the city of Drogichin" a health camp "Zhuravushka" was organized with a day stay. The project is designed for students of grades 1-8 in the amount of 90 people. Four detachments operated in the camp, in one of which highly motivated students underwent rehabilitation.
The opening of the camp took place in the city cinema. Representatives of public health, state sanitary and fire inspectorates spoke to the children, who interviewed children about the importance of dental health, rules of personal hygiene and fire safety. And the cinema workers held fascinating games and fun contests. In conclusion, a festive disco.

Within the framework of a healthy lifestyle, a conversation was held on "Sport - helper, sport health" and the poster contest "Health is the shoulder of a friend". On the eve of the second Olympic Games, a sports event "Small Olympic Games" was held, which is aimed at developing the Olympic movement and promoting an active and healthy lifestyle in children.

The events "We came to the poet to visit" (220 years since the birth of A. Pushkin), "Hello, we are looking for talents", the drawing contest "My Little Homeland", the conversation "I'm here naradzіusya", cultural campaign were interesting and memorable to the city library "Paclon Taba, dear land", view the video presentation "Drogichin - my small homeland!", quiz "Do you know your land?" and a moment of history "My dear relatives".

A whole range of activities, a number of diverse programs, forms of activity in working with children unfolded in Baranavichy during the spring holidays.
On March 25, 2019, the children, resting in a recreation camp on the basis of the State Educational Institution "Secondary School No. 3 of the city of Baranovichi", made an excursion to the Kommunarka plant in Minsk. When visiting production shops, the children learned how candy production originated, how the factory was reformed, renamed, expanded, improved, the mission of which is now determined concisely simply: "To bring joy and pleasure to people, preserving and enhancing the rich traditions of confectionery art."


The health resort "Spring" with a day stay at the base of the state educational institution "Gymnasium No. 1 of the city of Baranavichy" during the spring break worked under the project "Security City".
As part of the camp, a preventive event "Safe way home" was held, aimed at reducing children's road traffic injuries. Students participated in games and quizzes on the knowledge of the rules of the road, traffic lights, rules of conduct in public transport and on the road; during the game, students tested and consolidated their knowledge of the rules of the road.

35 pupils of grades 1-4 of the educational institution "Secondary school No. 12 of the city of Baranovichi" attended the "Solnyshko" school recreation camp. A varied program was prepared for them, which included: drawing contests "What is kindness?", "Farewell to the camp", game program "Let's Make the World Kinder", game - travel to the Country of Politeness, quiz "Best Connoisseur of Tales". Pupils attended events at the Central City Children's Library, where they were held with the events "Listen carefully, answer diligently", "By countries and continents". Excursions to the fire department, entertainment center "Labyrinth of Illusions", the Palace of Children's Art were conducted.

And there are many such examples of organizing health camps. Each camp worked according to its program.
It should be noted that in the region measures were taken to ensure the safe stay of children in the health camps, special attention was paid to the prevention of child injuries and the prevention of accidents.
Thanks to the professionalism of experienced teachers, in such a short time of a wellness shift, the guys were able to get a charge of vigor, joy and health, a lot of pleasure, and learn a lot of new things for themselves.