About the preparation for the summer health campaign in 2019 in the Minsk region

The summer health campaign will be aimed at preserving and strengthening the health of the child population, social protection and support of the most vulnerable categories of children from low-income, large families, children in socially dangerous situations, orphans, disabled children, and registered children.
In accordance with the decision of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee of April 19, 2019 No. 299 "On the organization of summer rehabilitation of children in 2019", 59,350 children are planned to improve in the Minsk region, of which 26,200 children in camps with around-the-clock stay, 33,150 children in camps with full-time stay, or 40.1% of the total number of students (compared to 2018 - 37.7%).
For proper work and fulfillment of the scope of work, long-term plans have been developed and approved to strengthen the material and technical base of stationary recreation camps, installation of video surveillance systems, registration of land, capital buildings of recreation camps, etc.
The commissions for the rehabilitation and sanatorium-resort treatment of the population of the organizations of the Minsk region, in cooperation with the regional trade unions, have done some work to reduce the cost of vouchers.
It is planned to send more than 200 thousand rubles to reduce the cost of vouchers to children's health camps.
In order to ensure a full-fledged summer rest and health improvement of children in the conditions of a country stay in the Minsk region, 24 certified stationary health camps with around-the-clock stay of 3.8 thousand places will function in the summer period (18 are in communal ownership, 6 camps are on the balance of enterprises and organizations).
In order to ensure the most complete and effective rehabilitation of children, in the summer period, certified stationary camp bases with an 18-day, 24-hour stay with 4 shifts will be used.
In areas where there are no own bases for the organization of suburban round-the-clock rehabilitation of children, the organization of children's rehabilitation is solved by organizing camps at rented bases, purchasing vouchers to stationary camps in other areas.
During the summer holidays in the territory of the Minsk region, it is planned to organize work of 121 camps for work and rest, in which 1805 students will recover. A list of host organizations, facilities, types of work and the number of places for adolescents in labor and recreation camps has been formed.
It is planned to lead 7895 students to the systematic educational and training process in the conditions of sports and recreation camps.
The average cost of a voucher to stationary camps with a round-the-clock stay of the boards of education, sports and tourism in the Minsk region will be 360.00 rubles; in departmental stationary camps - 548.00 rubles.
To reduce the cost of vouchers to camps with round-the-clock and daily stay of children for the summer period of 2019, the representative office of the Minsk Regional Department of the Republican Center for Health Improvement and Sanatorium-Resort Treatment of the population allocated 6,874.00 thousand rubles.
As a matter of priority, trips to health camps will be provided to 1,476 orphans, 320 disabled children, children from low-income families, large families, single-parent families, and 275 pupils from regional boarding schools.
It is planned to attract students who will work in teams along with experienced teachers to work in health camps.
In the current recreation season, the practice of opening defense-sporting, military-patriotic camps and shifts for students of the categories of consideration will be continued with the involvement of law enforcement officers.
The primary task is to ensure 100% effective employment of children of the subordinate categories (SOP, NGZ).
Camps will be opened for highly motivated children who are interested in learning foreign languages, natural sciences, information technologies, camps UID, MES.
Catering for children in recreation camps is organized on the basis of exemplary rations developed and approved by the Republican Center for Health Promotion and Sanatorium-Resort Treatment of the population. Approximate rations are adapted by food technologists of the departments for education, sport and tourism of the district city executive committees to ring deliveries of food products, taking into account the specifics of children's nutrition and the organization of a benign regime.
Heads of manufacturers, trade organizations supplying food raw materials for feeding children in summer recreation camps, organizing food for children in summer recreation camps, in order to reduce the cost of food nutrition, it is recommended to sell food with a trade markup of not more than 10 percent.
All health camps of the region are staffed by medical workers. Medical offices are equipped with the necessary medical equipment, medicines, supplies. Formed transport styling for emergency care.
The Department of Internal Affairs of the regional executive committee is charged with ensuring the protection of public order in the locations of health camps, and taking preventive measures to prevent theft of food and other material assets in health camps.
In order to monitor the progress of the health campaign, constant monitoring of the camps will be provided with the participation of all the district administration executive services.