About summer rest in the Brest region in 2019

Summer is the season of mass vacations. Most people begin to wrestle with how to use these days efficiently and effectively so that each family member can subsequently enjoy pleasant memories of an unforgettable vacation throughout the year.
Many residents of not only the Republic of Belarus, but also neighboring countries prefer to rest in the sanatorium and resort organizations of the Brest region. Currently, the resorts of the Brest region are loaded with their full bed capacity.
Favorable natural factors, magnificent landscape, natural reservoirs, among which our health resorts are located, create here special conditions for rest and prevention of various ailments. 

Sanatoriums of the Brest region are trying to keep pace with the times. Health resorts offer accommodation of different comfort for any budget. They use the latest achievements of medical science. The application of advanced methods of sanatorium-resort treatment and rehabilitation is skillfully complemented in the sanatoriums with a varied and healthy food, full of leisure.

However, to worry about purchasing vouchers to the resort for the summer period you need to advance. It should be noted that you can book trips not only by phone, but also via the Internet.
Summer holidays - it's time for recovery and spa treatment of children. It should be noted that there are plenty of opportunities for children to enjoy our time! Parents can only choose the best option.
Your child can improve their health in the sanatoriums of Belarus. Due to the socially-directed policy of the state, our children have the right, if there are medical indications, to free spa treatment. Where to go for a ticket? In any organization, regardless of the form of ownership, there are commissions for the rehabilitation and sanatorium-resort treatment. The employee must write a statement and provide a medical certificate about the child's need for sanatorium-resort treatment.
Health resorts in Belarus that take treatment for both the children themselves and those accompanied by the parents are located both within and outside the country, in places with unique natural resources. Sanatorium-resort treatment of children is carried out according to modern methods. Rest in the children's sanatorium will also provide the correct mode of the day, healthy food and leisure.
It should be noted that only in summer time the state purchased over 3 thousand preferential vouchers for sanatorium-resort treatment and rehabilitation of children in the Brest region.
In addition, your child can relax in the camp. In the region there are 21 stationary recreation camps of various departmental subordination, the material and technical base of which is strengthened annually.
The average cost of vouchers to stationary health camps in the current year is 401.70 rubles. Of these, in the form of a reduction in the cost of vouchers, each child received state aid in the amount of 196.00 rubles.
The health camp is a great place to hang out. Having sent the child to the camp, parents can be sure that everything necessary is provided for him: full hot meals, useful and interesting activities and outdoor activities.
The life of the guys in the camps is quite intense. Fascinating game programs, quizzes, races, squad competitions, sportlandia, music competitions, excursions and other various events are held daily. 

During the time spent in the camp, the child will be able to learn something new, meet new friends, get positive emotions and a positive charge and return home relaxed.
Health resorts of the Brest region are waiting for you and will ensure a complete unforgettable vacation.