About summer children's activities in the Brest region in 2019

It's already the middle of summer. One of the excellent options for organizing children's leisure activities at this time is a health camp. After all, only in the camp your child will be able to plunge into the unforgettable atmosphere of adventure, creativity, friendship and a real miracle!
Life in children's camps is rich, full of events, new acquaintances and meetings. The main purpose of the organization of recreation camps is not only the creation of conditions for good rest, but also the full development of the creative abilities of children. Entertaining and educational contests, sportlandia, quizzes, relay races, competitions between groups, excursions and other various events are held with children every day.
During the first shift of the health campaign of the current year, more than 48 thousand children have already rested. 858 recreation camps of various types were organized.
Special attention in the region is paid to the organization of labor and recreation camps for children aged 14-18. In one shift, 142 labor and recreation camps were organized for the rehabilitation of 2,209 children. In the camps of this type, adolescents carried out the following types of work: landscaping, painting, repairing classrooms, school furniture, specific weeding of agricultural crops, forest saplings, collecting stones, whitewashing fruit trees, inspecting animals, recycling raw materials, sewing workwear, bed linen, tablecloths, napkins, making souvenirs, helping single retirees and etc. The average salary of children ranged from 84.97 to 261.00 rubles, depending on the number of working days and the form of organization of the labor and recreation camp.

For example, in Baranavichy district 9 labor and rest camps with day stay were organized, in which 110 adolescents rested and worked. The guys were engaged in planting, weeding vegetable and flower-decorative crops, watering, planting of school grounds, cleaning of monuments to the dead countrymen, soldiers-liberators. The average salary was approximately 261 rubles.
In the regional labor and recreation camp “Raduga” with round-the-clock stay of children at the Molotkovichi auxiliary boarding school public educational institution, 20 people aged between 14 and 17 worked and rested. These are students of the Molotkovichi Auxiliary Boarding School and students of the integrated classes of training and education in the Brest region. When completing the shift, special attention was paid to children with disabilities, children from low-income, large, single-parent families; recognized as socially dangerous. The activities of the pupils were carried out in labor groups, taking into account the wishes of the children and their parents, in accordance with the regulations of the school camp.
One of the priorities of the organization of recreation in school camps was the expansion of the network of specialized units in various areas of activity: defense and sports, local history, physical and mathematical, environmental, natural science, activists of public associations "Leader", spiritual - educational, labor, linguistic and many others directions.
For example, in the Molchad sanatorium boarding school of the Baranavichy district in the period from 06/15/2019 to 06/23/2019 the regional recreation camp Leader functioned for 120 adolescents from 14 to 17 years old, activists of children's youth public organizations and associations, children's youth students, self-government, from all regions of the Brest region in order to create the conditions for the formation in the children-youth environment of an image of a successful person with an active civic position, qualities of leaders necessary for Vitia and effective child and youth public organizations and associations.
On the basis of the branch of the Educational Establishment “BGOTsMT” “Youth Patriotic Center”, which is located in the Brest Fortress, a regional 24-hour camp was organized for 40 children for a period of 9 days of defense-sport profile.
The Brest Regional Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus, the OSVOD Regional Council, the Department of Internal Affairs of the Regional Executive Committee, the Main Department of Education of the Regional Executive Committee intensified work in health camps on fire and road safety (children are interviewed, fire posts and OSVOD posts, etc.) were introduced.

In the first shift, 641 children — orphans, 580 disabled children, 172 children on preventive registration, and 573 children in a socially dangerous situation — were improved.
Every year, children with dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system and with severe and multiple disorders are recuperated on the basis of the GCU “TsKROiR”. Taking into account individual characteristics for children, games, educational walks on the air, circle classes, pupils have the opportunity to work in the garden, take care of the plants.
Also, for 55 pupils of the Kobrin special general education boarding school a 24-hour recreation camp was organized with a stay of 18 days.
For the rehabilitation of 46 orphans, a regional twenty-four-day health camp was organized for 18 days at the base of the Vysokovsk Sanatorium Boarding School. Also, this category of children underwent rehabilitation in stationary health camps and on the basis of educational institutions, vocational education in health camps with day and day and night stay.
In conclusion, I would like to note that the main task for all interested services is to create safe conditions for children to stay in health camps, to prevent injuries and to prevent the death of children.
The city executive committees and owners of health camps are entrusted with the ongoing monitoring of ensuring the safety of life and health of children, their safe staying in camps, the uninterrupted and priority provision of camps with high-quality domestically produced food, and staffing health camps with qualified personnel of medical, teaching staff and chefs.