On the outcome of the rehabilitation of children in Minsk in 1-2 shifts

718 camps of various types were rehabilitating children in the capital, including:
20 stationary country camps owned (economic management, operational management) of enterprises and organizations of the city of Minsk;
83 camps organized at rented bases of sanatorium, health resort, recreational and other organizations of the republic;
158 24-hour camps with a duration of at least 9 days, including using tents;
457 camps with daytime stay were opened at the bases of general secondary education institutions, additional education for children and young people, specialized educational and sports institutions and secondary schools of the Olympic reserve.
During 1-2 shifts, 48064 children improved their health in various types of camps, which accounted for 70% of the plan for the season, including 22,129 children in camps with round-the-clock stay, and 25,935 children with day stay.
During 1-2 shifts, 603 orphans and children under guardianship improved their health in the camps with day and round-the-clock stay.
The practice of improving the health of disabled children was continued, which were sent to camps with full-time (based on correctional and developmental training centers) and 24-hour stay together with teachers of boarding schools. In total, 682 children from the category of disabled children improved in 1-2 shifts.
In the Moscow district of Minsk, children and children with disabilities with psychophysical development who are brought up in the Minsk auxiliary boarding school No. 7 and children's home No. 3 are recuperated in the 24-hour mode. In 1-2 shifts improved 198 children.
At the expense of the budget of Minsk and public funds in 1-2 shifts in the health camp "Zvezdny" of the SE "Belaeneronavigatsiya" organized rehabilitation of 36 disabled children with disabilities of the musculoskeletal system (wheelchairs), accompanied by one of the parents.
A family health change was organized and financed at the expense of the budget of the city of Minsk and the funds of the republican budget together with one of the parents for 36 disabled children with diabetes mellitus on the basis of the sanatorium Sputnik OAO Minskremstroy, which provides a comfortable stay, diet food, laboratory monitoring of blood sugar and medical support of an endocrinologist.
Children of state employees of municipal property organizations received additional payments due to the budget of the city when purchasing vouchers to country camps in the amount of up to 105 rubles per voucher. 981 children took advantage of this type of assistance during 1-2 shifts.
In order to prevent crime and prevent asocial behavior of adolescents during 1-2 shifts, 481 children are sent to health camps with daily and twenty-four-hour attendance on various types of registration and brought up in dysfunctional families.
To meet the needs of children in various activities and acquire useful skills in 1-2 shifts, 450 camps (units) were organized in terms of profiles, activities with day and twenty-four-hour stay, in which 20,938 children rested, of which 4,488 - 15 18 years.
Leading positions in mass deployment are traditionally occupied by specialized sports and recreation camps with day and round-the-clock stay, organized by structural divisions of the sport and tourism department of the Minsk City Executive Committee, in which 7396 children, including adolescents, are healthy 15-18 years old - 867 people.
There were massively organized tourist and local lore camps around the clock, in which 4376 children rested and acquired useful skills. They functioned, as a rule, in the 9-day mode, using tents, accommodation was carried out both on the basis of stationary recreation camps, and in the mobile mode, when the detachment moves along a pre-approved route.
A special place in the system of moral and patriotic education of children and adolescents is occupied by their stay in the camps of the defense-sport and military-patriotic profiles.
Together with employees of military units, border outposts, educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, work was organized on 13 military-patriotic camps with more than 400 children.
In June 2019, military-sports camps for 89 students of the Minsk City Cadet School No. 2 of the Pervomaisky District of Minsk were deployed on the basis of military units 1463 (Dzerzhinsk) and 1259 (Smorgon).
In addition, the city has opened specialized squads for highly motivated children, in which they successfully combine mass cultural and sports and recreational activities with training sessions in specialized subjects.
To ensure the rest and employment of children in 1-2 shifts, work was organized in 81 camps (detachments) of work and rest with day and round-the-clock stay of children covering 1076 children aged 14-18 years.
Jobs were provided mainly by educational institutions, where children were employed at the free rates of janitors, room cleaners and were engaged in cleaning, landscaping and planting of school areas, repairing and binding books and teaching aids in the library. The average wages of children for the time worked during the shift amounted to 152 rubles.
Under the terms of the concluded contracts, workplaces were provided by the structural subdivisions of the state-owned association Minsk City Housing, the PMUE Minskzelenstroy, trade and public catering enterprises, and other organizations.
Adolescents, vacationers in day camps of work and rest, recruited in units
PCU "Minskzelenstroy", carried out weeding beds, caring for the road and path network, collecting mowed grass, etc. The average wage of children for the time worked during the shift was 150 rubles.
Two students of GUO "Secondary School No. 10 of Minsk" were recruited at the Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Youth Service" (business incubator) as gardener and assistant blogger. The work of the gardener was in the care and maintenance of trees and shrubs, planting and transplanting flowers and greenery. The job of a blogger’s assistant is to create content, social surveys of website visitors, edit photo and video clips, and maintain online blogs. Salary amounted to
from 170 to 250 rubles.
As nannies in kindergartens No. 216 of the Central District of Minsk, there were 2 people who were on recuperation in labor and recreation camps with day stay. Their average salary was 160 rubles.
At the base of the camp with the round-the-clock stay "Lesnoy" of the TPKUP "Cold Storage Plant No. 2", service teams of work and rest were organized for 24 teenagers who carried out work on cleaning the office premises. The average wages of children amounted to 160 rubles.
There were no significant violations in the work of organizing rehabilitation, nutrition and observance of sanitary epidemiological regime. Emergency situations affecting sanitary and epidemiological well-being were not recorded.