"Bison - 50"!

Every year NDC “Zubrenok” chooses more than 16 thousand boys and girls as a place of recreation, rehabilitation and development.
50 years ago, on August 17, 1969, the sounds of a pioneer silver hearth heralded the beginning of a new story called "Zubrenok". This date has become a kind of symbol, a day of meetings and memories, a special holiday. "Zubrenok" celebrated its half-century anniversary among the closest: representatives of different generations of employees and pupils, partners, friends and guests of honor.
"Zubrenok" began to celebrate its half-century anniversary on August 16th. At noon on the square of Friendship held a solemn line dedicated to the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the institution. The event was attended by more than 700 people, including Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus Igor Petrishenko and Minister of Education of the Republic of Belarus Igor Karpenko, chairman of the Myadel District Executive Committee Anatoly Voinilko.
During the solemn line of NDC "Zubrenok", the Honorary State Banner of the Republic of Belarus was awarded, awarded to the institution by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus of June 20, 2019.
August 17, 2019 on the holiday "We are 50!" a solemn line took place, which became a kind of connecting link between the past and the present.
The celebration continued on the sites of the street game program "Happy Birthday,"Zubrenok", the main participants of which were the pupils of the fifth summer shift of the jubilee summer. Boys and girls attended the entertainment program" Favorite Heroes Congratulate Bison Kids. One of the most emotional and touching events of the festive day was the anniversary bonfire "In the Zubryatsky Circle", which was attended not only by the current pupils of the center, but also by the bison guys of other generations. On this day, on the main bison scene, the most popular youth evening “Youth” took place - through years, through distances”, which brought together teams of educators from different years.
On the day of the celebration of the 50th anniversary, Zubrenok signed bilateral cooperation agreements recognizing the status of twin centers with six children’s educational institutions, united by common goals, ideas and tasks: the Artek international children’s center, the Ocean’s all-Russian children’s center, All-Russian children’s center "Orlyonok", state-owned non-standard educational institution "St. Petersburg Palace of Youth Creativity", all-Russian children’s center "Smena", sanatorium association "Smena".
The book “The Country of Childhood, Joy, Dreams” was presented among the guests of honor of the holiday and the center’s employees. It reflects all the milestones of the center’s formation and development. 
The anniversary of “Zubrenka” became an excellent occasion for meeting friends and partners of the center: the VIII International Scientific and Practical Conference “50 years together: social partnership as a resource for building a full-fledged multi-vector and open educational process”, XV International Youth Forum “Friendship without Borders", International festival of game programs "Children play - we play!", Republican festival of health camps" Summer route: a small homeland ", International festival of children's creativity" D e country - one destiny".
The culmination of the celebration was the show program "We're 50!", Which helped the audience plunge into the construction and development of the institution, recall the days gone by and share the joy of the modern successes of the center. The current Zubrenka pupils, leading children's dance and vocal groups of Belarus, Russia and China, as well as Belarusian pop stars took part in the show program. The day ended with a laser show, fireworks and a festive disco.

Honorary guests of the ceremonial line-up (from left to right): Anatoly Voynilko, Chairman of the Myadel District Executive Committee, Igor  Petrishenko, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus, Nadezhda Onufrieva, Director of Nub Zubrenok, Igor Karpenko, Minister of Education of the Republic of Belarus.

Honored guests at the holiday lineup



Removal of the Honorary State Banner of the Republic of Belarus