On the results of the 2019 summer health campaign in the Vitebsk region

In the summer of 2019, in the Vitebsk region, 29 stationary out-of-town recreational camps were organized (5 of them were sports and recreation), in which 13,640 children were treated (including 1,298 children in sports and recreation). In addition, 6 camps were opened on the rented areas of boarding schools and secondary schools, where 1,149 children were treated.
In addition, 86 specialized camps (9 days) worked with round-the-clock stays, where 2,329 children were rehabilitated, of which 14 labor and rest camps — 313 children, 2 sports and health-improving camps — 50 children.
On the basis of comprehensive and sports schools in the region, 656 daytime camps functioned, where 27,656 children were rehabilitated, including 89 labor and rest camps, in which 1,414 teenagers were enrolled in various forms of employment.
In the camps of various types, the fulfillment of the planned indicators was 100.64%.
During the summer health campaign, 9 inpatient camps worked in 4 shifts, 18 camps in 3 shifts, 2 camps in 2 shifts.
93.9 thousand rubles were allocated from the republican budget, 300.0 thousand rubles from the regional budget, 45.4 thousand rubles from the regional budgets, and 2.2 thousand rubles from sponsorship to prepare and strengthen the material and technical base of suburban health camps. At the expense of funds earned on the republican subbotnik, 130.0 thousand rubles were allocated.
Organizations that have health camps on their balance sheets allocated 755.9 thousand rubles of their own funds.
The allocated funds from various sources of funding have significantly improved the material and technical base of health camps.
The following camps were in demand in working with children over 14 years old: art, environmental-biological, military-patriotic, technical, socio-pedagogical profiles, as well as work and leisure. The programs of the profile camps were complex, combined theoretical and practical knowledge, sports and recreational and cultural and leisure activities, research and socially significant activities, professional orientation.
In the summer period of 2019, 20327 children were recuperated in health camps by profiles, areas of activity, including 2464 children aged 15-18 years.
Together with law enforcement agencies in the region, 73 defense-patriotic camps were organized, in which there were 2,255 teenagers, including 1,505–185 of them 2205 (of which 11 camps for 202 teenagers on the basis of military units and formations of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the border committee ) Together with military units 38 camps were organized for 1283 students, together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs - 20 camps for 519 children, with the Ministry of Emergencies - 14 camps for 313 students. 
One of the components of vacation employment was the organization of labor and leisure camps. In 95 labor and leisure camps, 1,712 children were treated. The work of labor and leisure camps ensured the employment of children who are on various types of preventive care, and minors from low-income and disadvantaged families visited the camps, who had the opportunity to contribute to the replenishment of the family budget. During the labor and leisure camps, the guys got involved in large-scale events: the republican campaign "Small Homeland: Relay Relay of Useful Things", the regional stage of the republican contest "Decorate Belarus with Flowers" ​​and "Young Naturalist" to study the environmental features of the Little Homeland.
In the summer, special attention was paid to the health of children in need of social protection. Various forms of recreational activities covered 1863 orphans and children left without parental care, 517 disabled children (including 56 accompanied), 5320 children from large and low-income families.
Funds in the amount of 50.0 thousand rubles were provided for the surcharge of tickets to health camps for children with disabilities, children from large families, children with special needs in the psychophysical development of employees of budgetary institutions financed from the regional budget. Children with both parents - disabled invalids or unemployed pensioners; children left without parental care and under the care of retired pensioners.
In the recreation camp "Rainbow" UZ "Vitebsk Regional Children's Clinical Center" for three shifts, rehabilitation was organized for 56 disabled children with a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus, hearing impairment and diseases of cerebral palsy and musculoskeletal system. Vouchers for children with disabilities and accompanying persons were paid at the expense of the regional budget.
Free of charge from the budget of Vitebsk in the recreation camps "Luch" of the Center for Children and Youth of the Vitebsk Region and Orion GUUDO of the Gorodok District Center for Children and Youths 80 orphans from the State Educational Institution "Orphanage of the City of Vitebsk" were rehabilitated .
The health and employment of adolescents with delinquent behavior, as well as those living in dysfunctional families, were under special control. Various forms of health-improving measures and labor activity covered 1052 children, of which 335 teenagers with whom individual preventive work is carried out, 507 are in SOPs.
To ensure law enforcement, personal and property safety of children and camp workers, as well as to carry out preventive work among minors, employees of the internal affairs bodies were assigned to each camp, who carried out 24-hour duty on the territory of suburban health camps. In order to prevent the presence of unauthorized persons in the camp, the police officers strengthened control over employees providing access control.
The course of the summer health campaign was constantly covered in the media. Published 111 articles in the regional, city, as well as district newspapers. On regional television, 8 television programs about the work of health camps are shown.