On the work of health camps in the Grodno region in the summer 2020



In the Grodno region, 6,800 children have already rested in summer health camps.
Schoolchildren are accepted in various types of camps. Labor and recreation camps function annually.
The creation of such camps contributes to the correct teaching of the younger generation to work, and also provides an opportunity for each child to show talents, learn to defend their point of view and respect the opinion of others.
So in the Volkovysk region in the Subochsky educational and pedagogical complex, kindergarten-secondary school, there was a labor camp "Yunost-T" for adolescents 14-17 years old. Twenty energetic guys from the friendly squad "Lemons" not only had a great free time in the camp, but tried on the role of full-fledged workers. Thanks to this, the first money was earned. Boys and girls worked on the territory of the KSUP "Zarya and K": they carried out specific weeding of agricultural crops, cleaning the territory, work on the improvement of their native agro-town. In addition to physical work, bright events awaited children: games, quizzes, virtual trips, creative contests, promotions and sports. For example, as part of the "Care" campaign, the guys talked about kindness and mercy, and by deeds they proved their manifestation. So, we visited elderly people living alone, who were assisted in cleaning the courtyard, watering the garden, loosening the soil. The children took an active part in the creative competition "The future of the agricultural town of Subochi". They placed their ideas in the form of a collage, where everyone could show their resourcefulness, erudition and ability to reason.
Every summer in the Ostrovets district, schoolchildren of the Gudogai school spend part of the summer in the Kraft labor and recreation camp. The Gudogai school closely cooperates with the Ostrovets forestry enterprise - therefore, teenagers are sent to the labor force to this organization. The guys help the employees of the Palush forestry to prepare the fence for the enclosures, weed forest plantations. Schoolchildren work three hours a day, rest the rest of the time. Events, promotions, games and quests have been developed for every day. For active participation in all events, schoolchildren receive gifts and salaries from the leshoz.
Summer time continues, and the guys still have the opportunity to spend it with benefit.