On the holding of the annual New Year charity event “Our Children” in the municipal unitary enterprise “Lesnaya Polyana” CRWC ”, Grodno region

On December 20, 2018, within the framework of the action “Our Children”, Henadzi Balbatouski, director of the Republican Center for Health Improvement and Spa Treatment of the Population, came to the Municipal Unitary Enterprise “Lesnaya Polyana” DRC Center to congratulate healthy children on the New Year and present them with gifts. Among the honored guests of the holiday was also the deputy chairman of the Smorgon district executive committee, Gennady Bychko.
Henadzi Balbatouski visited the Christmas party for 12 children with disabilities aged 6-17 years.
Together with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, the children decorated the Christmas tree, recited poems, played and danced near the forest beauty. Henadzi Balbatouski , addressing with congratulations to all participants of the celebration, said that the New Year's holiday brings to each house a touch of magic, in which one wants to believe both children and adults. Handing gifts to children, he expressed the hope that, along with Santa Claus, he heard the wishes of the children and they would like the gifts.
And I liked the presents! Mikita, a 4th-grader from the Luninets District, could not hold back his delight - he received a mini-column as a gift, which he did not even dare to dream of! The girls looked at fancy dolls, and 6th grader Maxim looked forward to the long-awaited designer. Those relatives shone with happiness for their children! Adults barely held back tears, seeing how much joy the children received from the holiday and from the gifts. And sincerely, heartily thanked Henadzi Balbatouski for the attention to the children, for the important mission that the Republican Center performs under his leadership, providing an opportunity to heal children in health resorts, in the Lesnaya Polyana center, including. Many warm words were addressed to Anatol Hombak, the director of the rehabilitation and recreation center and the team for the excellent conditions created for the treatment and recreation of children with disabilities. Daniil 11th grader from Grodno, who is undergoing rehabilitation for the second time in Lesnaya Polyana, said that he really liked everything in Lesnaya Polyana: good procedures, comfort. The boy expressed hope to come to the center again.
After sharing a photo of the Christmas tree with children and their relatives, Henadzi Balbatouski hurried to meet with other guests who came to the health improvement from the territories contaminated with radionuclides with other honored guests. Children from 18 educational institutions of the Gomel, Grodno and Mogilev regions were eagerly awaiting their New Year holiday.
By the way, gifts from the Republican Center lay in large elegant boxes under the Christmas tree on the stage and the whole holiday attracted the impatient views of children. Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden, together with their helpers, snowflakes and New Year's toys, amused children with songs, dances and games, creating an atmosphere of real magic in the hall.
Henadzi Balbatouski congratulated the children and their teachers on the upcoming New Year and stressed that the New Year's magic unites people, and the desire to give children joy brought him to Lesnaya Polyana with New Year's gifts and wishes for good health and good mood in the new year.
To loud applause, sweet gifts were given to children who did not hide their joy and thanked Henadzi Balbatouski sincerely that the Republican Center chose the Lesnaya Polyana center for the action “Our Children”, thanks to which they have the opportunity to meet him personally and thank for recovery. The same was said by the teachers accompanying the children, stressing that this action gives children an additional vivid example of real care for children from the state. And with all my heart, Hombak Anatol was also thanked for the excellent conditions created for children at the Lesnaya Polyana center.
After the festive concert, together with the guests of honor, the children took pictures near the forest beauty, and then the guests of honor hurried to the detention center, in which two children, Bozena and Roma, improved their health. Gennady Nikolaevich warmly congratulated each child, handed Christmas gifts and wished them a speedy recovery.
The action "Our Children" took place and left a kind festive touch in the soul of each of its participants. And let it sound for a year, recalling that kindness is that amazing feeling that real magic does to the hearts of people!