On the activities of health resorts and recreational organizations of the Minsk region for the first quarter of 2019

During the first quarter of 2019, 59.9 thousand people underwent sanatorium-resort treatment and rehabilitation in sanatorium-resort and recreational organizations in the Minsk region (40 133.0 thousand rubles); at the expense of legal entities and individuals - 44.8 thousand people (29,644.2 thousand rubles); at the expense of the republican budget and funds of the state extra-budgetary fund for social protection of the population of the Republic of Belarus - 15.1 thousand people (10,468.8 thousand rubles).
In order to ensure stable, break-even work, increase the demand for sanatorium-resort and health services and increase the amount of income from services rendered by the health resorts of Minsk region, constant systematic work is being carried out to develop and improve the material and technical base, to study new markets for tourist and recreational services and consumer needs. , expanding the list of services provided, the introduction of innovative technologies of resort therapy.
To increase sales by sanatoriums in the Minsk region, an ongoing search for potential buyers of sanatorium-resort and health services through cooperation with reliable foreign and Belarusian firms, through the conclusion of international agreements; participation in tenders at large tender platforms; participation in regional and international exhibitions; active collaboration with the media; working online-booking on the websites of sanatoriums, establishing business relations with managers of promising enterprises in the territory of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation.
In February 2019, the GP "Sanatorium "Isloch" of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus took part in the exhibition "TOUREST 2019" (Tallinn, Estonia); in March - "MITT 2019" (Moscow).
Unitary Enterprise "Sanatorium "Primorskiy" PA "BelOG" took part in the exhibition "TOUREST 2019"(Tallinn, Estonia), as well as in the exhibition-presentation of the tourism potential "Republic of Belarus", in Moscow from 03.15.2019 to 03/17/2019.
GU "Sanatorium "Youth" of the Office of the President of the Republic of Belarus on January 24, 2019 visited the International WORKSHOP on SPA, Wellness and Medical Tourism 2019 in Lithuania.
The State Sanatorium of the Sosny Sanatorium of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Belarus took part in the International Exhibition "Balttour 2019" (February 1, 201 - February 3, 2019, Riga).
Municipal unitary enterprise "Children's Rehabilitation and Wellness Center "Zhdanovichi" (hereinafter - the Center) helps to form a highly effective system of sanatorium-resort treatment and rehabilitation of the population in the Republic through scientific research and practical seminars based on the CRRC, actively speaking at republican scientific-practical conferences, printing a large amount of materials in newspapers, magazines and conference theses.
So, on April 12-13, 2019, an international scientific-practical conference "Innovative technologies of sports medicine and rehabilitology" was held at the Center. The event gathered more than 100 sports functionaries, scientists, representatives of universities and healthcare institutions from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.
In the State Sanitary Educational Institution "Sanatoriums "Sosny" of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Belarus in connection with the acquisition of new medical equipment, the list of medical services provided is expanding. In the sanatorium introduced new medical and health services:
- chamber therapy (30 min);
- a session of individual psychotherapy (neurological, psychosomatic and behavioral disorders);
- a session of complex individual therapy of neurological, psychosomatic and behavioral disorders with the combined use of psychotherapy and other techniques.
In order to promote the export of services to the Russian market, the head of the branch "Children's sanatorium "Sluch" of JSC "Belagrazdravnitsa" Marachkovsky S.M. within the framework of his working visit, he visited the cities of Vidnoe, Podolsk, Shchelkovo, where meetings were held with the chairmen of regional trade union organizations of health care workers, education workers, industrial enterprises and public organizations. A contract has been concluded for the provision of sanatorium and resort services with the district trade union of educational workers in the city of Shchelkovo.
To increase the sales of spa resorts and recreational vouchers and attract customers with more favorable conditions than the competitors used a flexible discount system.
The multidisciplinary medical and recreational base of the sanatorium "Sosnovy Bor" of JSC Belagrozdravnitsa has a wide range of more than 100 diagnostic, therapeutic, health and beauty procedures. New medical services are in great demand among holidaymakers. These services include:
1. Physiotherapy: "Abdominal laser therapy".
2. Ozone therapy: "external ozone therapy of the body", techniques of guy training of osteokinesis".
3. Ultrasound studies: new tariffs have been introduced for 26 studies, in connection with the acquisition of a new one from an ultrasound machine.
4. Functional diagnostics: "dynamic study of blood pressure with continuous daily registration", etc.
In the first quarter of 2019, revenue from the sale of services to businesses and individuals by health resorts and recreational organizations in the Minsk region amounted to 29,664.2 thousand rubles (growth rate - 111.7%).
14.6 thousand citizens of the countries of near and far abroad underwent sanatorium-resort treatment and rehabilitation. Export of sanatorium and health resort services amounted to 14,840.4 thousand rubles.
During the reporting period of 2019, sanatorium-resort and health-improving organizations of the Minsk region sold additional paid services that are not included in the cost of the voucher in the amount of 7,646.5 thousand rubles. Of these, medical - in the amount of 3 124.3 thousand rubles. The average occupancy rate was 64.5 percent.