On the health of children of the Grodno region in summer recreation camps

By the decision of the Grodno Regional Executive Committee of 10.04.2019, No. 221 "On the organization of the rehabilitation of children of the Grodno region in the summer period of 2019", plans and tasks for the rehabilitation of children in recreation camps were defined.
It is planned to open 953 camps of various kinds, in which 62,755 children will improve their health. From June 1, 23 stationary recreation camps will begin their work with functioning in 4-shift and 5-shift (11 camps) operating modes.
Currently, active work is under way to prepare the health camps for children, current repairs are being carried out, equipment and inventory is being purchased. 79.8 thousand rubles were allocated from the republican budget for the preparation of camps, 530.0 thousand rubles from the regional budget, 250.0 thousand rubles from the clean-up money. Significant contributions are made by the owners of the camps. The practice of fixing recreation camps for organizations in the districts and the city of Grodno was continued in order to share the cost of preparing the camps for children, with the subsequent allocation of vouchers for children of employees of these organizations.
Every year the health campaign is socially pronounced, special attention is paid to children in a socially dangerous situation, orphans and disabled children. In 2019, it is planned to improve 1507 orphans and 519 disabled children. 284.0 thousand rubles from the funds of the regional budget are provided for the supplement to the full cost of vouchers for this category of children. The maximum will be covered by the rehabilitation and children in SOP and on individual preventive registration.
On the basis of 2 stationary camps "Dawn Jubilee" and "Suzorje" the practice of organizing the rehabilitation of children with disabilities accompanied by one of the parents will be continued. It is planned to improve 10 disabled children accompanied by their parents on the basis of the Lesnaya Polyana Children's Educational and Educational Center.
The work on staffing camps is being completed. Particular attention is paid to the selection of qualified medical personnel and employees of the kitchens. Each camp will be provided with round-the-clock watch of police officers.
Before the start of the season, all necessary measures will be taken to create safe conditions for the children in the camps and to organize the most useful employment of children.