To the army will be ready

In the city of Vitebsk, on the basis of the 103rd separate mobile guards airborne brigade, a sports and patriotic camp for schoolchildren is organized during the summer holidays for more than ten years.
The composition of the participants in the sports-patriotic camp of different ages, starting with the kids, who most recently crossed the threshold of school and ending with high school students. The first shift in the camp went through rehabilitation and 280 children were engaged in military training. Since the camp is a day stay, the teachers lead the children to the classes in a system and also leave the combat object in a disciplined manner. As the deputy commander of the brigade for ideological work, Denis Kriventsov, notes, two tasks are being solved at once in the course of training. Firstly, this is a military-patriotic education, and secondly, future servicemen are being trained.
The program of classes in the camp day stay is very rich. During the camp shift, the guys got acquainted with the life and lifestyle of military personnel, jumping techniques and parachute equipment, visited the museum of the military unit, which has a glorious history. Every day they were waited by a mandatory drill, which resulted in a contest of song and order. Schoolchildren regularly participated in contests and sports. This year, the emphasis is on playing forms of work with children, through which the necessary knowledge is easier to learn. In case of inclement weather, the classes were held indoors, where the watching of films of patriotic content was organized, a visit to a computer class was organized, where you could virtually "shoot".
During the shift, a meeting was organized with the chairman of the regional organization of the Belarusian Union of War Veterans in Afghanistan, lieutenant colonel Valerian Matskevich. Brigade brass band performed in front of the children. The most memorable were the demonstrations of the strong body and spirit of the soldiers of the reconnaissance-landing company.
In addition, children were told about the educational institutions of this profile, which you can enroll in if they want to connect their lives with the army. Schoolchildren gave their impressions of the stay in the camp in the wall newspaper competition.
In just three summer shifts, about one thousand Vitebsk children will become participants in the sports and patriotic camp.