On the results of the rehabilitation of children in Minsk in 1-2 shifts in the summer of 2020

The rehabilitation of the children of the capital was carried out by 450 camps with day and round-the-clock stay of children, including: - 21 stationary health camps (in 2019 - 20 camps); - 38 camps organized at rented bases of sanatoriums, health resorts and other organizations of the republic; - 7 round-the-clock specialized camps lasting 15 days; - 4 round-the-clock specialized camps lasting 9 days; - 359 day camps organized on the basis of institutions of general secondary education, additional education for children and youth, specialized educational and sports institutions and secondary schools of the Olympic reserve.
To assist in the preparation of camps with round-the-clock stay for work in the summer of 2020, funds were allocated from consolidated sources in the amount of about 6.9 million rubles, including: from the city budget - 1.5 million rubles, funds owners of health camps - 5.16 million rubles, the republican budget - 116.42 thousand rubles, other sources - 110.7 thousand rubles.
In addition, 1.37 million rubles are planned to be allocated from the funds earned at the republican subbotnik on April 25, 2020.
During 1-2 shifts, 23,013 children were rehabilitated in camps of various types, which amounted to 33.16% of the plan for the season, including 13,570 children in camps with round-the-clock stay, 9443 children with daytime stay. The activities of the camps were carried out taking into account the full implementation of the recommended sanitary and hygienic measures. The pupils observed the principles of social distancing; when organizing meals, the placement of children in the dining rooms was carried out taking into account the necessary distance.
Implementation of priority epidemically significant measures is ensured in all health camps. Particular attention is paid to the organization of catering, systemic control over the work of catering units, compliance with sanitary norms and rules, the organization of the protection of health camps and the provision of access control.
Control over the condition of pupils was ensured by medical workers.
During 1-2 shifts, 837 orphans and children under guardianship were rehabilitated in camps with day and round-the-clock stay, which amounted to 55.8% of the planned for the season (1500 children).
The practice of improving the health of children with disabilities, who were sent to camps with day (on the basis of correctional and developmental education centers) and round-the-clock stay, together with teachers from boarding schools, was continued. In total, 356 children from the category of disabled children were rehabilitated in 1-2 shifts, which amounted to 30.0% of the planned (1190 children).
Children of public sector employees of municipal property organizations received additional payments from the city budget when purchasing vouchers to country camps in the amount of up to 115 rubles per voucher. This type of assistance was used by 595 children during 1-2 shifts.
With the aim of preventing offenses and preventing asocial behavior of adolescents, using the city budget and state funds, 373 children were sent to health camps with a day and round-the-clock stay of 373 children who are on various types of registration and brought up in disadvantaged families.
To meet the needs of children in various types of activities and acquire useful skills, 242 camps (detachments) were organized according to profiles, areas of activity with day and round-the-clock stay, in which 9115 children rested, of which 1628 were aged 15-18.
Leading positions in terms of mass deployment are traditionally occupied by sports and recreation camps with day and round-the-clock stay, organized by structural divisions of the sports and tourism department of the Minsk City Executive Committee, in which 4668 children were rehabilitated, including 497 adolescents aged 15-18.
To ensure the rest and employment of children, 83 labor and recreation camps (detachments) with day and round-the-clock stay of children have been organized, covering 798 children aged 14-18.
Jobs, in accordance with the list approved by the Minsk City Executive Committee, were provided mainly by educational institutions, where children were hired at free rates of janitors, room cleaners and were engaged in cleaning, landscaping and landscaping of school territories.
On the basis of the camps with round-the-clock stay "Lesnoy" TPKUP "Khladokombinat No. 2" and "Dream" of JSC "Minsk Plant of Bread Products" organized service teams of labor and rest for 22 teenagers, who performed cleaning of office premises.
The Minsk City Executive Committee approved a schedule for monitoring the work of stationary health camps for 2020, during which working groups, which include specialists from interested city services, visit health camps in order to familiarize themselves with their work and provide methodological and advisory assistance.
During the work of 1-2 shifts, monitoring covered 20 country health camps. Particular attention is paid to the implementation of organizational and sanitary and anti-epidemic measures by the camp staff to prevent the introduction and spread of coronavirus infection.
During the inspections, no significant violations in the work on the organization of health improvement, nutrition and compliance with the sanitary and epidemiological regime were revealed. No emergency situations affecting the sanitary and epidemiological well-being were registered.