By the decision of the Grodno Regional Executive Committee "On the organization of children's health improvement in the Grodno region in the summer of 2021" dated 04/27/2021. No. 213 it is planned to improve the health of 33916 children in all types of camps. Of these, 13691 children are in camps with round-the-clock stay, 20,225 children are staying during the day.
More than 700 camps will open during the 2021 Summer Wellness Campaign, including 228 round-the-clock stays, over 470 day stays.
This year in the region it is planned to open 23 stationary health camps with 4-shift operation. The opening schedules have been adjusted taking into account the epidemiological situation in the districts. Arrivals for the first shift in camps with round-the-clock stay will take place from 2 to 10 June.
The practice of such specialized camps as "Science" and "Leader" will continue. Profile camps for students of agrarian and pedagogical classes will open. For the second year in a row, the "Young Cadet" camp will operate on the basis of the Grodno Regional Cadet School.
Every year, the health promotion campaign is socially expressed; special attention is paid to children in a socially dangerous situation, orphans, and children with disabilities.
In the summer, it is planned to improve the health of 1200 orphans, 311 children with disabilities. For an additional payment up to the full cost of a voucher for orphans and children with disabilities, funds from the regional budget are provided.
According to the schedule of complex visits of the interdepartmental group to study the preparation of health camps for the admission of children in the summer, visits to health camps and the study of the work being done to strengthen the material and technical base of the camps, fulfill the orders of sanitary services and state fire authorities continue.
The work on staffing the camps with personnel is nearing completion. Particular attention is paid to the selection of qualified medical personnel and catering workers. All camps are equipped with video surveillance systems. Police officers will be on duty in each camp.
The owners of the recreation camps have taken all the necessary measures to create safe conditions for the stay of children in the camps and to organize the most useful employment for children.