On the results of the work of the sanatorium-resort organizations of the Mogilev region for 6 months of 2021

In the first half of 2021, sanatoriums and health-improving organizations of the Mogilev region continued to restore sanatorium-resort activities.
For 6 months of 2021, they sold 21,330 vouchers or 164.4 percent of the corresponding period of 2020, including 1204 vouchers for foreign citizens.
The proceeds from the sale of services amounted to 11.7 million rubles or 133.9 percent compared to January-June 2020, including the proceeds from the sale of additional paid services amounted to 1.0 million rubles or 157.3 percent, of which 0 medical, 84 million rubles or 145.0 percent.
The occupancy rate of sanatorium and health resort organizations in the Mogilev region in January-June 2021 amounted to 72.6 percent compared to 66.9 in the corresponding period last year.
In order to attract vacationers, the health resorts widely offer bonuses, loyalty programs in the form of discounts, various promotional products (Early Booking, Last Minute Vouchers, Health Bonus, Honeymoon in a Sanatorium, etc.).
To promote services, social networks (Instagram, VK.com, OK.ru, Facebook.com) are widely used, in which advertisements about medical, hotel, spa services offered by sanatoriums are posted.
Tourists who were unable to enter in 2020, due to an unfavorable epidemiological situation, were booked in sanatoriums in 2021, while maintaining the prices valid for the 2020 booking period.
Considerable attention is paid to the safe stay of the population on sanatorium-resort treatment, including taking into account the epidemic situation. The sanatoriums have a sufficient amount of disinfectants (antiseptics) for treatment, developed and approved Algorithms of actions to prevent the spread of coronavirus.
In order to improve the efficiency of work, taking into account the epidemiological situation in the country with regard to coronavirus infection, all sanatorium-resort organizations of the Mogilev region have developed treatment and rehabilitation programs as part of the sanatorium-resort treatment of citizens who have had pneumonia associated with COVID-19 infection.
Health resort organizations of the region took part in the international online conference "Travel Marketing Tourproduct 2021", and were also presented at the XXIII International Exhibition-Fair "Rest-2021" in Minsk.