Creation of a barrier-free environment for physically disabled persons in health resorts of the Brest region

An integrated approach to the modern development of the health resort involves ensuring a comfortable stay for vacationers of all categories, including physically weakened persons, elderly citizens and disabled people.
In the sanatorium-resort and health-improving organizations of the Brest region, measures are constantly being taken to ensure access to all infrastructure facilities and create comfortable conditions for the stay of physically weakened persons, taking into account the requirements of technical regulatory legal acts and in accordance with subprogram 2 "Accessible living environment for disabled and physically weakened persons" The State Program on Social Protection and Promotion of Employment of the Population for 2021-2025, approved by the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus dated December 21, 2020 No. 748.
Of the 21 sanatorium-resort and health-improving institutions, 18 are partially accessible for people with disabilities. Currently, all health resorts in the region have created 60 rooms for 120 places for wheelchair users, which is 3% of the total number of rooms.
So, for 9 months of 2021, the region's health resort organizations spent 68.2 thousand rubles for these purposes. For example, in the State Institution "Republican sanatorium" Belaya Vezha "for veterans of war, labor and disabled people, parking spaces for wheelchair users have been equipped, as well as the marking of the parking lot for people with disabilities, in the sanatorium "Nadzeya" RUE "Brestoblgaz" purchased an electric car for the movement of disabled people around the territory to the dining room, residential and medical buildings, in the OJSC "Sanatorium-resort organization" Brestagrozdravnitsa "the contrast marking of steps was updated , door leaves, handrails installed in common areas.


It should be noted that in August 2020, the first inclusive beach in the Brest region was opened in the recreation area of ​​the communal unitary enterprise Svitanak Children's Rehabilitation and Health Center of the Pinsk District on the Pogost reservoir, which allowed people with disabilities to organize a comfortable rest by the water.

In all sanatoriums of the region, social advertising is being placed, as well as work with teams of health resorts to serve people with disabilities.
State Institution "Republican sanatorium" Belaya Vezha "for war veterans, labor and disabled people" November 11, 2021 took part in the republican online seminar on the development of inclusive tourism in the Republic of Belarus and the world. The deputy chief physician for the medical department N.G. Selivanova made a report on the topic “Creation of a barrier-free environment for physically weakened persons in a sanatorium”.
The work on creating conditions for a barrier-free environment for physically weakened persons in the sanatorium-resort and health-improving organizations of the Brest region will continue.