Summer health campaign 2022 in the Vitebsk region


In the Vitebsk region, during the summer health campaign in 2022, 42,668 children were rehabilitated against the plan of 41,707 children. The percentage of implementation of the plan for the improvement of children in the summer was 102.3%.

On the territory of the region there were 116 camps with round-the-clock stay of children, including:

26 stationary country health camps;

5 sports and recreation;

3 camps at rented bases;

82 camps with children staying for at least 9 days.

Since the beginning of the health-improving campaign in camps with round-the-clock stay, 17,102 children have been improved, of which 1,456 are athletes. Country health camps were 100% full.

On the basis of general education and sports schools of the region, 586 day camps operated, in which 25,566 children improved their health, including:

81 labor and recreation camps, where 1372 teenagers were covered by various forms of employment;

88 sports and recreation camps, where 8769 athletes have improved their health.

In the labor and recreation camps, the children carried out works on landscaping and gardening, repairing schools and school furniture, sewing overalls, caring for plants. The salary ranged from 100 to 560 rubles.

Particular attention was paid to improving the health of children in need of social protection. 1,768 orphans and children left without parental care, 381 disabled children, 4,903 children from large and low-income families are covered by various forms of recreational activities. For these categories of children, funds were provided for additional payment up to the full cost of vouchers at the expense of local budgets.

The control included the improvement and employment of adolescents belonging to the category of difficult. During the summer period, 78 adolescents were improved, with whom individual preventive work is being carried out.

The theme of the shifts in the health camps was aimed at instilling in students respect for the traditional values ​​of the Belarusian people, popularizing the State symbols of the Republic of Belarus, contributed to the expansion and deepening of children's knowledge about the history of the country through patriotic events. An integral part of the educational work in the detachments was the tradition of raising the State Flag of the Republic of Belarus by the best pupils of the shift, the performance of the National Anthem of the Republic of Belarus.

In the summer health camps, work was carried out to implement the plan of events dedicated to the Year of Historical Memory, the participation of pupils in the republican action “I am the land of Radzіmay the head”, the All-Belarusian youth expedition “Routes of memory. Routes of Unity”, open distance cultural and educational marathon “Time is measured by memory”, civil-patriotic project “Gather Belarus in your heart”, etc.

The implementation of the Republican cultural and patriotic film marathon “Watch and Remember” was continued, within the framework of which students were offered to watch feature films, united in seven thematic blocks, followed by discussion and creation of film posters.

Patriotic events, sports competitions, intellectual games, cultural and leisure, environmental, local history, information events related to the history of the Great Patriotic War, the history of the Republic of Belarus, the Vitebsk region were held for the pupils of health camps. Events dedicated to the celebration of the Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus were held under the general theme “I am proud that I am a citizen of our country”. When preparing and conducting educational activities, materials from television programs and publications in the media were used (projects “Partisan Frontier”, “Secret War”, “To Remember”, “Partisans of Belarus”, “Belarus Remembers”, etc.). The events were covered on the websites of educational institutions, as well as in social networks.

On the Day of National Remembrance of the victims of the Great Patriotic War and the genocide of the Belarusian people on June 22, 2022, rallies-requiems “We Remember”, “Let's Bow to Those Great Years” were held in health camps with the reading of poems and the laying of flowers; screenings of feature films “The Dawns Here Are Quiet….”, “The Dnieper Frontier”, “In June 1945”, “Brest Fortress”, “Battle for Sevastopol”; documentaries "The Great War", "Operation Bagration, the liberation of Minsk", "They fought for the Motherland"; lessons of courage “We are bequeathed to protect this world”, patriotic drawing competitions “War does not have a childish face: you remember, never forget!”, thematic lines “Forever in the memory of the people”, memory lessons dedicated to the victims of the Great Patriotic War, with the participation of representatives authorities and other honored guests.

As part of the implementation of the information and educational project “School of an Active Citizen”, events were held on the following topics: “The right to rest and health improvement” (on social guarantees of the state in the field of children's health improvement), “Self-government is a school for a young leader”, “We will prove by deed that not in vain the earth hopes for us"; ”Summer - time to act. We will be worthy of the memory of heroes!“; “Safe and responsible behavior is our conscious choice”, “It hurts to remember and it is impossible to forget”.

In order to promote a healthy lifestyle, prevent the spread of drug addiction among children and young people, and form a negative attitude towards drug use in health camps, the preventive campaign “InfoBus – life without drugs!” was held: conversations with minors with the participation of representatives of internal affairs bodies, healthcare institutions, commissions on juvenile affairs; quizzes, quests, workshops, role-playing games, video demonstrations.

Within the framework of the republican action "Holidays without smoke and fire" in the region, the institution "Vitebsk Regional Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations" held 617 events. During events

114 employees of prevention subjects and 351 employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations were involved.

In order to ensure the protection of public order, the organization of access control and the safety of children, as well as to carry out preventive work among minors, an employee of the internal affairs department was assigned to each country camp with round-the-clock stay of children.

The summer wellness campaign was regularly covered by the media. 127 articles were published in district and regional publications; 8 TV interviews. Information about the events held is posted on the official websites of educational institutions, websites of departments, departments of district city executive committees, and in Internet resources. Almost all camps have their own pages in messengers, social networks, which posted photos and videos about the life of children in the camps.

          In the summer of 2022, 982 monitorings were carried out by the interested services of cities and districts of the region in the health camps of the region.

All health camps were provided with qualified medical personnel and medicines to provide medical care to children in accordance with the sanitary and epidemiological requirements established for health-improving organizations for children, taking into account the epidemiological situation.

The successful implementation of the summer health campaign was facilitated by: a responsible attitude to the health of children of all interested services, financial investments by the owners of health camps and assistance from city, district and regional budgets in the preparation of camps. In total, more than 4 million rubles were spent on the preparation of camps in the region.

The issues of organizing and conducting a summer health campaign were under constant control of the representative office of the Vitebsk Regional Department of the Republican Center for Health Improvement and Sanatorium and Resort Treatment of the Population, the main departments for education, health care, the department of sports and tourism of the regional executive committee, city district executive committees, law enforcement agencies, sanitary and epidemiological and others interested services.