On the autumn holidays in the camps of the Minsk region


In the Minsk region with the purpose of organizing effective leisure, employment and health improvement of pupils during the autumn holidays from October 29 to November 7, 2018 9607 students in health camps with day stay of children organized on the basis of general secondary education institutions, additional education of children and youth received rehabilitation .

Autumn holidays are truly amazing times when everything in nature becomes colorful and unusually bright. The same bright and memorable events were planned to be carried out during the holidays in each district of the region. The children attended classes dedicated to the Year of the Small Motherland, excursions to museums, cultural and historical places of Belarus; creative, intellectual, sporting events.

So, in the Minsk region for 1135 students took classes using such forms of work as fairy tale therapy, color therapy, game therapy. The children were offered: quest “Colors and tales of my country”, creative contest “Celestial Colors Miracles!”, Game-journey “In Search of a Floral Palette”, etc. In the health camp “Country of Health” GUO “Zaslavskaya Gymnasium” is scheduled to hold the project “ City of wizards - Grammar School ". The interactive game “Safe Road”, the sports program “Our Records”, the quest “Oktyabryaty - active guys”, sportland “Sports do sports! Always stay healthy! ” A project for the prevention of child road traffic injuries with the participation of specialists from the traffic police department of the Minsk region was implemented in the health camp of the Borovlyanskaya Secondary School No. 3.

The health promotion campaign of Smolevichi District is aimed at students receiving new knowledge and impressions. During the autumn holidays, associations of interests, sports and gyms, stadiums and libraries worked. The students and their parents were offered: the game show program “Autumn Kaleidoscope”, the interactive marathon “Save Yourself”, the quest “It's not too lazy to smile - every hour and every day”, the role-playing game “If I hadn't smoked since childhood would be strong and big ”, sportland“ Healthy I am a healthy country ”, the action“ Forever in my memory ... ”and others. The Center for Children's and Youth Creativity of the Smolevichi District invited everyone to the City of Masters.

In the Volozhin district, during the autumn holidays, mini-projects were implemented in each camp during the shift in areas of educational work. For example, the mini-project “Very Interesting Different Professions” for elementary school students was held in the recreation camp “PROF Start” of the State Educational Institution “Secondary School No. 1 in the city of Volozhin”. The final product of the project was the creation of a tree of district professions.

Sport and health are the focus of activities in the health camps of the Borisov district. Quarters and brain-rings of local lore and legal subjects were also awaiting young Borisov citizens. The close attention of children and adults was drawn to the need to observe safe and responsible behavior measures, follow traffic regulations and fire safety during the implementation of the interdepartmental preventive complex of activities “Safe holidays”.

In the Chervensky district, on the basis of the GUDO “The Khayim Sutin Center for Children's and Youth Creativity, Smilovichi Village”, an educational art tour “Go and see: from children's drawings to modern art” took place for the pupils of the health camp; the contest “Archnovation - 2018” and the exhibition of contemporary art “Autumn Salon with Belgazprombank”.

No one remained indifferent to art products at the festival “Wonders for children from unnecessary things” in the Nesvizh district. The guys tried their hand at the intellectual battle “Slavutya імёны Batskaushchyna”, the video tutorial “The ABC of Sport”. It was possible to laugh and have fun at the laugh-time "Suit backwards."

In the Molodechno district, the implementation of the legal marathon “Teenager and the law: we teach, know, respect” was continued, during which meetings and mass events were held with the participation of law enforcement officials and public health officials.

          Activities, walks in the fresh air, creative workshops, exciting activities, meetings with interesting people - all this helped the children of the Minsk region to have a good rest before the second school quarter.