On the preparation for the summer health campaign of 2019 in the Brest Region

Currently, in the Brest region, preparations are under way for the summer health campaign of 2019.
Summer is a time in which children can replenish their expended strength, restore health, develop creativity, time of discoveries and adventures, play time, events, meet new friends and meet miracles. What awaits children this summer? Certainly, it is a rest in country health camps, in camps with a day stay, in tent camps. You can also relax in sports camps or bring public benefits in the camps of work and leisure.
In the summer period of 2019, 63 thousand children will improve their health in health camps in the Brest region. 6.8 million rubles of state funds were allocated for these purposes.
In April of this year, the decision of the Brest Regional Executive Committee No. 201 "On the organization of rehabilitation and sanatorium-resort treatment of the population of the Brest region in 2019" was adopted, in which all interested services were given instructions for organizing summer holidays for children in health camps. At the level of city executive committees, decisions are also taken on the above issue, commissions are being established for the acceptance of recreation camps.
In the summer of this year in the region is planned to open 21 stationary recreation camp. The work on the preparation of stationary camps is carried out in accordance with measures to strengthen the material and technical base of suburban health camps, drawn up on the basis of instructions and recommendations of state sanitary and fire authorities.
For example, in the health camp "Eaglet" of the Brest Boiler Farming Unitary Enterprise, the thermal route, window blocks in the dining room will be replaced, the current repair of the 2nd floor of the bedroom building No. 1 will be carried out with the replacement of wall and floor covering and sanitary equipment.
The staff of the camps is staffed, as one of the tasks is to staff the camps with qualified cadres of teachers, chefs and kitchen workers in order to create safe conditions for our children.
In the recreation camp "Electron" of the branch of the Republican Unitary Enterprise "Brestenergo" Baranavichy electrical networks, the building of the canteen will be reconstructed, the current repair of bathrooms, shower rooms, hygiene rooms of the 2nd bedroom building with full replacement of pipes, batteries, sanitary equipment, replacement of windows and doors.

As in the past year, great attention will be paid to improving the health of children in socially unprotected categories: orphans, the disabled, and those in a socially dangerous situation. To reduce the cost of vouchers to health camps for children of public sector employees, a surcharge of up to the full cost of vouchers for disabled people under 18, for orphans, 358.4 thousаnd rubles were allocated from the local budget.
For children 15-17 years of age, the organization of summer leisure activities will be carried out in camps of various orientations: military-patriotic, linguistic, ecological-biological, tourist-local history, etc.
And in conclusion, I would like to say that the most important task of all the interested services is to organize a safe, interesting holiday for children this summer, which they would remember for their whole lives only with positive impressions.