On the rehabilitation of children in Minsk in the summer of 2019

In the summer period of 2019, it is planned to send to camps of various types for vouchers, reduced prices at the expense of public funds, 68,685 children of Minsk, ensuring coverage of rehabilitation at 34.6%.
For reference: according to the education committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee, the number of schoolchildren in the city is 198,344 children.
At the same time, more than half of children 59.9% or 41,125 people will be sent to camps with around-the-clock stay (40,793 in 2018), of which 6,944 will be rehabilitated in 9-day camps (7002 in 2018), camps with a day stay will work more than 400 health camps, where 27 560 children will be improved (in 2018 - 27 850).
This year, the expected volumes of children’s recovery remained at last year’s level, despite the fact that without coordination with the administration of the Central District and the Minsk City Executive Committee, the country recreation camp "On Rostania" of Minskremtroy OJSC was not opened, on the basis of which in 2018 739 children were recuperated .
In order to prevent a decrease in the volume of rehabilitation of children in Minsk during the summer period of 2019, an additional fifth shift in the Borok camp of MAPID OJSC with 640 beds will be organized in camps with round-the-clock stay.
For the most complete coverage of children's health, more than 22,000 children will be sent to camps according to profiles, activities: sports, tourism, military-patriotic, incl. more than 6,000 adolescents aged 15-18.
The leading positions, as in previous years, will be taken by specialized sports and recreation camps with day and round-the-clock stay, in which 11,617 children are planned to improve. The main role in the organization of sports camps is assigned to the Main Department of Sports and Tourism of the Minsk City Executive Committee, as well as the coaching and teaching staff of specialized educational and sports institutions and secondary schools - schools of the Olympic reserve, which provide students with the continuation of the training process.
Only in the sports and fitness teams with the organization of the training process will be sent to the camp "Zeleny Bor" of the state institution "MSC "Minsk-arena" more than 1000 children from sports schools in the city.
In addition, to ensure the employment of children, work is planned at about 70 labor and recreation camps with day-time children organized at the bases of general secondary education institutions, additional education for children and young people, covering 1205 children aged 14–18 years over the summer season.
The list of host organizations, facilities, types of work and the number of jobs for children sent to labor and recreation camps has been agreed and approved.
For the health of children in the summer season of 2019, 31 out-of-town health camps will be used with round-the-clock stay, more than 400 camps with day stay, organized at the bases of institutions of general secondary and additional education of the city, about 200 tent and specialized camps organized at rented bases of sanatorium and wellness organizations of the republic.
The work of 31 camps with around-the-clock stay, the planned capacity of which is 8,360 places per shift, and where about 34,500 children will undergo rehabilitation during the summer season, will be organized in the following modes: 5 camps - in five-shift mode, 24 camps - in 4 shifts, 2 camps - in 3 shifts.
Of great importance is the support of the most socially vulnerable categories of children: first of all, these are children with disabilities, orphans and children left without parental care, children from socially disadvantaged families.
In the summer period of 2019, it is planned to improve 1 476 orphans and children under guardianship, and 1 159 disabled children.
For the ninth consecutive year, at the expense of the budget of Minsk and funds from the republican budget, the Zvezdny health camp of Belaeronavigation will accept 72 disabled children with disabilities of the musculoskeletal system accompanied by a parent.
For the third time, the rehabilitation of 20 disabled children of cardiological profile, accompanied by parents, is planned for the third time at the base of the municipal "Praleska City Children's Medical Rehabilitation Center" of the Minsk City Executive Committee’s Health Committee.
For the fourth time, a health change will be organized for 72 disabled children (70 in 2018) with diabetes in conjunction with one of the parents at the Sputnik health center branch of Minskremstroy.
In order to prevent juvenile delinquency, during the summer season, children who came into conflict with the law, brought up in dysfunctional families, will be rehabilitated in military-patriotic camps at the bases of military units, border outposts, educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Emergencies
On the basis of the Rostok Center for the Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities and Disabilities of the Committee on Labor, Employment and Social Protection of the Minsk City Executive Committee, the work of the Patriot interdistrict 9-day camp for 200 teenagers requiring special education will be organized and financed by the city’s budget socio-pedagogical attention.
It is also planned to reduce the cost of vouchers to round-the-clock camps for children of workers of state-owned municipal organizations at the rate of up to 105 rubles (inclusive) per voucher.
To finance the preparation of 31 country recreation camps for work in the summer of 2019, 700 thousand rubles were allocated from the budget of the city, as was the case last year.
The funds are distributed according to the decision of the Minsk City Executive Committee of 07.02.2019 No. 383 between the district administrations in proportion to the planned number of beds in the health camps.
From the republican budget for the preparation of stationary recreation camps in Minsk, 108,090 rubles were allocated, which are also distributed among the administrations of the districts in proportion to the planned number of beds in the camps.
In addition, more than 1 million rubles earned on the republican clean-up in 2019 will be transferred to the preparation and development of the material and technical base of the Minsk suburban camps.