A summer wellness campaign in the Chashniki district of the Vitebsk region is taking place with care for children

Summer holidays for children long-awaited time for rest, entertainment, recovery. And for the interested services, the number one task is the organization of employment and recreation for children and teenagers in the summer.
In summer, 24 camps of various profiles will be organized in Chashniki district. The most accessible and widespread form of recreation and rehabilitation of children are camps with day stay. This summer, such camps will open in 13 schools, where 650 children will have fun and interesting time, 180 girls and boys will be able to improve their health in a day-care camp working on the basis of a junior sports school.
Particular attention in organizing the rehabilitation of children will be given to the creation of safe conditions of stay, organization of leisure, healthy and balanced nutrition, provision of camps with good-quality food.
Priority in the allocation of vouchers will be given to orphans, children left without parental care, disabled children from large and low-income families, consisting of various types of records.
One of the important components of the summer health campaign is the employment of teenagers. For this purpose, labor and recreation camps will be organized in 6 educational institutions. 70 students will be able to recover, work and earn money. Pupils will be engaged in landscaping, furniture repair, book fund.
The cultural institutions of the district will contribute to the creation of meaningful and informative leisure. Various cultural and entertainment events will be organized on the basis of libraries, clubs, houses and palaces of culture: theatrical performances, children's discos, educational and gaming contests and others.
In summer, the Chashniki District Center for Children and Youth is at the service of children. It will offer an interesting and exciting employment program. Every day spent in the center will be filled with various activities, taking into account the hobbies and abilities of boys and girls.
For the adherents of a healthy lifestyle, the gyms of the Chashniki Youth Sports School and the RFS "Skina" will open the doors.
From June to August, the youth camp “Youth” awaits children, with around-the-clock stay, in which more than 570 children will undergo rehabilitation. For the health season in the camp, the catering department was repaired, they additionally purchased refrigeration and technological equipment, an electric stove. 
The club has been redecorated, the lamps have been replaced with energy-saving ones. Updated asphalt pavement on site. Well-planned territory, comfortable living conditions, full five-day meals, fresh air, the healing aroma of pine trees, games, sports grounds, the beach, entertainment and games are all you need for an unforgettable summer. Every day in the camp promises to be special. Outdoor games, sportlandia, championships of the camp in various sports, creative contests, concerts in general will not have time for children to be bored.
In the summer health campaign in the area involved many institutions, services and subjects of prevention. To organize a safe holiday during the summer holidays, the prevention of juvenile delinquency, the prevention of children's road traffic injuries, the protection of life and health will be held various actions. Employees of the district departments of internal affairs and emergency situations will meet with the guys in the health camps, explain the rules of the road, talk about the dangers on the roads, on the streets, on water, with careless handling of fire, in the forest. Excursions will be organized to the police, fire departments and diving rescue stations.
Summer holidays for children should bring joy, be remembered for interesting events, help to gain strength and energy for the new school year.