On the results of the 2019 summer health campaign in the Brest region

The happy and cheerful time of the summer children's vacation is over and the guys will recall with nostalgia an interesting time spent in health camps. After all, summer camps are a great opportunity to actively relax, improve health, make new friends and recharge your vivid impressions before the school year.
The life of the children in the health camps is quite eventful - this includes daily sports, quizzes, relay races, inter-squad competitions, game programs, music competitions, excursions and other various events.

With a plan of 63,000 children, more than 64,000 children rested in health camps, which amounted to 102% of the plan and 101.8% of the number of people who were health-rested last year. There were 940 camps, 209 of them with round-the-clock stay and 731 with full-time stay. The government allocated 6.8 million rubles for these purposes.
In the labor and recreation camps, 2.4 thousand children aged 14 to 18 years old were healed, which amounted to 102.5% of the plan. In camps of this type, adolescents carried out the following types of work: landscaping, painting, repairing classrooms, school furniture, species weeding of crops, forest seedlings, collecting stones, whitewashing fruit trees, examining animals, sorting raw materials, sewing overalls, bedding, tablecloths , napkins, making souvenirs, help for single pensioners, etc. The average salary of children ranged from 84.97 rubles to 261.00 rubles, depending on the number of working days and the form of organization of the labor and rest camp.
In the sports camps, 12.6 thousand young athletes rested, this amounted to 101.2% of the plan.
In the summer period, there were 21 stationary health-improving camps in the region, in which over 11.0 thousand children recovered. In addition, on the basis of 11 stationary health-improving camps in the region, profile shifts were organized for a stay of 9 days, over 3.0 thousand children underwent rehabilitation there.
It should be noted that in the region it was possible to achieve positive dynamics in bringing the material and technical base of stationary health camps in line with the requirements of sanitary norms and rules, fire safety rules. So, as of July 1, 2019, 3.3 million rubles were spent for these purposes. In 2018, about 1.6 million rubles were spent for these purposes.
For example, the owner of the camp, RUE Brestenergo, spent 1.8 million rubles in financial resources to strengthen the material and technical base of the Electron health camp. This camp made major repairs of the dining room building. On 234.2 thousand rubles, including 182.6 thousand rubles of the owner’s funds, were spent on preparing the Orlenok health camp This made it possible to replace the heat route, window blocks in the dining room, the current repair of 2 floors of the sleeping building No. 1 with the replacement of floor and wall coverings, plumbing equipment.
As before, much attention was paid to the health of children in socially unprotected categories. So, in the summer period of the current year, 655 disabled children and 1,530 orphans and children left without parental care were rehabilitated. In 2018, 626 disabled children and 1,442 orphans underwent rehabilitation.
On the bases of the recreation camps "Volna" of the department of education, sports and tourism of the Kobrin district executive committee, "Orlyonok" KUPP "Brest boiler house" and in the KUP "DROTS "Svitanok" of the main department for the education of the regional executive committee organized specialized shifts for children with disabilities together with their parents.

On special control was the issue of ensuring the safety of recreation and health of children. Throughout the summer period, monitoring was carried out by interdepartmental commissions established in districts and at the regional level.
As a result, thanks to the joint interagency efforts of workers involved in the rehabilitation of children, sanitary and epidemiological well-being was ensured during the 2019 summer health campaign. No outbreaks or group morbidity among children have been reported.
Health camps were provided with high-quality domestic food products, necessary medicines, staffed with qualified personnel of teachers, medical workers and cooks.
Thanks to the social orientation of the policy of our state, the young citizens of our country in the summer receive full health and relaxation, versatile education and an unforgettable experience that will remain with them until next summer.