Great importance is attached in the field of spa treatment and public health. Due to state sources, in 2019, 121.9 thousand residents of the region (in 2018 - 120.7 thousand people) received health improvement in sanatorium-resort and health-improving organizations, which is 1 thousand people more or 100.9% of the figures for 2018 . 27.3 million rubles of state funds were spent on these tasks (2018 - 26.4 million rubles), which is 3.4% more than last year.
In the region, one hundred percent coverage is provided for everyone who wants to receive spa treatment for disabled people and participants in the Great Patriotic War, as well as other categories that have an extraordinary free right to receive vouchers. So, in the health resorts of the republic, 38 veterans of the Great Patriotic War underwent spa treatment. Also, 1,438 disabled people of the I and II groups living in the region and having the first priority right to get permits have regained their health.
The priority remains preferential rehabilitation and spa treatment of children. In 2019, 111.0 thousand children were able to improve their health in sanatoriums and health camps of all types (2018 - 109.8 thousand people). 63.5 percent of children living and studying in contaminated areas are covered by health improvement. 679 disabled children received spa treatment. It should be noted that in the category of "children with disabilities" there was an increase in the number of people treated and the amount spent by the state on these goals. Thus, the increase in the number of people who were well-being amounted to 116.8% compared to the previous year, and the amount spent on these purposes amounted to 121.7% by 2018.
Only in the summer season of 2019, 64.2 thousand children rested in the recreation camps of the region. 6.7 million rubles of the republican budget were spent on reducing the cost of trips to health camps. In addition, 425.6 thousand rubles of local budget funds were spent to pay up to the full cost of trips and reduce the cost of trips to health camps for children of socially vulnerable groups (orphans, disabled people, from large families and low-income families), as well as children of budget workers.
Over the past years, special attention has also been paid to the preservation and development of the existing base of suburban health camps. Currently, there are 21 stationary health camps in the region, 5 of which are departmental, 16 are in communal ownership. This year, 3.6 million rubles were spent from various sources to strengthen the material and technical base of the country camps (2018 - 1.6 million rubles).
Currently, the sanatorium system of the Brest region is represented by 45 organizations that have passed state certification with a total capacity of 8231 beds.
It should be noted that the attractiveness of health resorts for vacationers depends on the quality of services provided and the level of comfort. Therefore, the sanatorium-resort and health-improving organizations of the region attach great importance to the development of their material and technical base. Every year they invest heavily in major and ongoing repairs, landscaping, and also to expand the list of services provided. For these purposes, in 2019, 7.1 million rubles were spent.
So, in 2019, in the sanatorium "Nadzeya" UE "Brestoblgaz" reconstruction of the assembly hall and hall with the replacement of the roof was carried out. 1.2 million rubles of the owner’s funds were spent for these purposes. OJSC "Sanatorium and resort organization" Brestagrozdravnitsa "modernized the pool with thermal rehabilitation of the building and equipping the gable roof, reconstructed living rooms with improved comfort and the owner spent 682 thousand rubles.
In 2019, about 102 thousand people improved their health in the health resorts of the Brest region. The volume of provided sanatorium-improving services amounted to 69.4 million rubles, which amounted to 105.5% compared to the corresponding period of 2018. Revenue from the sale of additional paid services increased by 14% compared to the same period last year and amounted to 8.6 million rubles.
Constantly in the region, work is underway to expand sales markets and increase the volume of exports of spa services. Only in 2019, health resorts of the region took part in the 25 largest tourism exhibitions in the Republic of Belarus and abroad.
As a result, at the end of 2019, the volume of export of services increased by 9.8% compared to the same period in 2018 and amounted to 18.7 million rubles. In Brest health resorts, 23.5 thousand foreign tourists rested.
Also, in order to attract foreign tourists through visa-free travel, five health resorts (Solnechny, Ruzhansky, Bug, Nadzeya, Brestagrozdravnitsa) independently passed certification as tour operators and can work directly with foreign citizens.
The occupancy rate of sanatorium organizations amounted to 87.6%