On the organization of health improvement for children of the Mogilev region during the spring break

On the territory of the Mogilev region, during the spring break from March 27 to April 04, 2021, 274 health camps with a day stay were organized, in which 7186 children are recuperating. Of these, 258 health camps operate on the bases of institutions of general secondary education, additional education for children and youth, and 16 on the bases of specialized educational and sports institutions.
For these purposes, the representative office of the Mogilev Regional Department of the Republican Center for Health Improvement and Sanatorium-Resort Treatment of the Population has allocated over 180.0 thousand rubles.
When recruiting groups in the camps, special attention was paid to the categories of large, low-income and single-parent families, families in a socially dangerous situation, children from foster and guardian families, as well as children registered with the juvenile affairs inspectorate.
During the shift in the camps, there are various competitive games, intellectual programs, walks and games in the fresh air, preventive conversations, thematic talk shows, and physical culture and recreational activities.
The total cost of the voucher on average in the region was 31.80 rubles for children 6-10 years old, 34.14 rubles for children 11-13 years old, 36.18 rubles for children aged 14-17. To reduce the cost of vouchers, each child received state aid in the amount of 25.2 rubles.
When organizing health camps, special attention is paid to the implementation of all necessary measures to prevent viral diseases.
Thanks to experienced teachers, in a short time of vacation, children will learn how to organize their free time, filling it with content and meaning.