About children's summer vacation in the Brest region in 2021

Summer holidays for schoolchildren are a long-awaited, trouble-free and eventful time. This is the time when many children's dreams and plans come true and bring unforgettable impressions. One of the great options for organizing children's leisure time is a health camp.
The most widespread type of recreation is the improvement of children in health camps with a day stay. It is planned to organize more than 700 health camps of this type, in which over 39.5 thousand children will rest. Health camps with a day stay are most in demand by parents of primary school children. The average cost of a voucher to this type of camps was 116.00 rubles, including 89.00 rubles from the republican budget to reduce the cost of one voucher.
In the Brest region, there are 21 stationary health camps of various departmental subordination. The average cost of a voucher to this type of camps this year is 443.00 rubles, including 215.00 rubles from the republican budget to reduce the cost of one voucher.
The competent services in the republic have developed Methodological Recommendations for the prevention of the emergence and spread of COVID-19 when organizing the work of health and sanatorium organizations for children, who have made adjustments to the usual work of health institutions.
All health camps are obliged to ensure maximum separation of children when eating, organize daily monitoring of the health of children, regular wet cleaning of all rooms using disinfectants. Entertainment programs will be organized in such a way as to exclude the presence of a large number of children in one place and mainly in the fresh air.
All stationary health camps of the region are located in picturesque places, mostly on the banks of water bodies.


Every year, funds are allocated from various sources to strengthen the material and technical base and prepare the camps. Thus, this year 1.4 million rubles have been allocated from all sources of financing.
In the residential buildings of the suburban health camps of the region, all conditions have been created for children to have a comfortable rest. Their territory is landscaped, equipped with water supply systems, sewerage systems, as well as facilities for physical culture and recreation and cultural purposes.

Life in children's camps is eventful, full of events, new acquaintances and meetings. The main purpose of organizing health camps is not only the creation of conditions for good rest, but also the comprehensive development of the creative abilities of children.