On the results of the work of the sanatorium-resort and health-improving organizations of the Vitebsk region for the first half of 2021

In the first half of 2021, 47388 people, including 5721 foreign citizens, were rehabilitated by sanatorium-resort and health-improving organizations of the region.
Revenue from the sale of services increased by 60% over the corresponding period last year. The occupancy rate of sanatorium-resort and health-improving organizations was 71.5%, which is 11.6% higher than in the same period in 2020. Export of services is correspondingly higher than last year's indicators by 20%.
In order to improve the efficiency of the sanatorium and health resort organizations, to ensure their stable operation and workload during a pandemic, flexible systems of discounts have been developed in the region's sanatoriums. Favorable price offers (discounts, promotions, bonuses) operate on an ongoing basis.
Wellness packages with medical programs have been developed: "Healthy skin", "Slim figure", "A week without a car", "Relax!", "Chocolate dreams". Special programs for men are in demand. Medical programs for the improvement of the lungs are in demand for people who have had acute pneumonia (including those associated with Covid-19) and other acute respiratory diseases.
Cosmetic and SPA procedures, which are in high demand among vacationers, are actively developing and being introduced. For these purposes, the medical staff undergoes special retraining, specialized devices and equipment, and cosmetics are purchased.
For a more comfortable stay of vacationers in the sanatorium-resort organizations of the region, mini-laundries, hairdressing salons, rental offices of sports equipment and items for active recreation have been opened. Interesting excursion routes have been developed to familiarize citizens with the culture and history of Belarus.
In the health resorts of the region, work is constantly being carried out to ensure a safe stay of the population for sanatorium-resort treatment and health improvement, including taking into account the epidemic situation. Algorithms of actions in case of detection of patients with coronavirus infection have been developed and agreed with the centers of hygiene and epidemiology.
In order to ensure the progressive development of the system of sanatorium treatment and health improvement of the population, the owners of health resorts in the Vitebsk region pay special attention to strengthening the material and technical base and increasing the efficiency of its use, acquiring modern medical equipment, carrying out current and major repairs of residential buildings and industrial premises, and improving the territory. For these purposes in the first half of the year 5966.4 thousand rubles were spent.
And in the future, work on increasing the volume from the sale of services and attracting citizens to sanatorium treatment and health improvement will continue.