Improvement of children in the Gomel region during the winter holidays of the 2021-2022 academic year

A break from school for children is a welcome at times. Even children who love to study rejoice at the opportunity to relax and think about what to do during the winter holidays. The optimal alternative to rest for a schoolchild is children's health camps, the purpose of which is to be busy, develop the creative abilities and outlook of children, introduce them to a healthy lifestyle, and foster tolerance towards people around them.
According to preliminary data, on the territory of the Gomel region during the winter holidays from December 25, 2021 to January 9, 2022, 410 health camps with a day stay of various profile, in which 8900 children will be provided with health improvement. The duration of the shift will be eight days.
For this purpose, about 300.00 thousand rubles have been allocated from the republican budget for the health improvement of children in the Gomel region. According to the order of the Republican Center for Health Improvement and Sanatorium Treatment of the Population dated December 10, 2021, No. 59-o, the amount of funds to reduce the cost of vouchers to health, sports and health camps with a day stay for one bed-day for each child is 4 rubles 20 kopecks. The parental fee for a trip to a camp with a day stay is set in the amount of an additional payment up to the full cost of the trip.
The average cost of a ticket to health camps with a day stay, depending on the age of the child, is planned in the amount of: for children 6-10 years old - 38.69 rubles, 11-13 years old - 42.98 rubles, 14-17 years old - 45.16 rubles.
In accordance with the Regulations on the procedure for organizing children's health improvement in health, sports and health camps, the work of the camps is organized on a declarative basis. To enroll a child in a camp with a day stay, parents (persons replacing them) submit a written application, respectively, to the educational institution at the child's place of study, a specialized educational and sports institution, a secondary school - an Olympic reserve school. Children are admitted to the camp with a day stay on the basis of orders from the heads of these institutions and organizations. When forming camps, the social status of children is taken into account: preference is given to minors from large, low-income and single-parent families who are in a socially dangerous situation and are subject to various types of registration, under school supervision, students from large and low-income families, children from foster and foster families.
In conditions of an unfavorable epidemiological situation in terms of the incidence of coronavirus infection COVID-19 in the administrative territory, the overstaffing of health-improving shifts and their beginning is not allowed.
Meals in the camps are planned to be organized on the basis of food norms and monetary norms for food expenses established by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus. Drinking regimen - using packaged drinking water and disposable tableware.
For work in the camp, it is planned to involve primary school teachers, social teachers, organizing teachers, music teachers, physical culture and health teachers, and librarians.
In each detachment, information corners are drawn up, where they are located: the operating mode, the menu, the list of students, the work plan for the day.
Recreation camps are organized in compliance with sanitary, fire-prevention and other requirements for organizing children's health improvement. In order to minimize the risk of the introduction and spread of COVID-19 infection in the camps, the implementation of sanitary and anti-epidemic measures recommended by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus is ensured.
The organizers of the health camps are developing special health and educational programs, including the conduct of health and fitness, sports and cultural events.
One of the important areas of educational work during the winter holidays is the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. In this regard, in the camps, it is planned to conduct various classes with elements of fairy tale therapy, quizzes, trainings, etc. To develop the concept of life safety in children, daily safety briefings, shows of thematic cartoons, film lectures, games with elements of traffic rules will be held in the camps. , walking-workshops, etc. Also during the shift in the camps volunteer matinees, contests and games, walks in the fresh air, excursions and various New Year's events are planned.
So, for example, within the framework of the republican charitable action "Our children" Rogachevsky regional center for creativity of children and youth is scheduled to hold matinees "Fixies. New Year ”for foster families, students of the Gorodets auxiliary boarding school. Together with the Gomel branch of the Belarusian Peace Fund, an event "Christmas tree of peace and friendship" will be held for activists-participants of the international recreation camp of friendship for children of Slavic peoples "Krynichka" the world.
In addition, inmates of the recreation camps of the Sovetsky district of Gomel will be able to take part in the following events:
- Charitable event "Magic for Christmas" (congratulations to children from large families, orphans);
- actions "Care", "They are waiting for our help" (making feeders, feeding birds in the camp);
- quest games "Journey with the Magic Book" (with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Emergencies), "New Year's serpentine", "Along the winter fairy paths", "Mysterious letter";
- musical and entertainment program "New Year's Kaleidoscope".
Attention is paid to children in care, in a socially dangerous position, with special needs. They are actively involved in the events. Individual work with a psychologist and social educator is carried out with these children.
On the last day of the camp, the most active participants in the events will receive certificates of honor, medallions, etc.
The winners of international, regional and republican creative competitions, sports competitions, disabled children, children from large, low-income families, orphans will participate in the New Year's charitable holiday, which will be held on December 28, 2021. on the basis of the city center of culture, with the participation of the chairman of the Gomel city executive committee P.A. Nightingale.
Thus, the use of various forms of leisure activities for children in the Gomel region during the winter holidays promotes the inclusion of schoolchildren in active activities, develops creative abilities, fosters spiritual values ​​and forms the skills of a healthy lifestyle.