Key performance indicators of sanatorium and health-improving organizations in 2018

As of 01.01.2019, 309 certified sanatorium-resort and health-improving organizations for 66 thousand places are functioning in the republic, of which 106 are sanatorium-resort organizations for 28 thousand places and 203 health-improving organizations for 38 thousand places.
A functioning bed fund allows annually providing about 1 million 300 thousand people with sanatorium-resort treatment and rehabilitation.
In 2018, 1 million 361 thousand people underwent spa treatment and rehabilitation in the republic, of which: at the expense of state funds - more than 783 thousand people; at the expense of legal entities and individuals - more than 578 thousand people.
For these purposes, more than 610 million rubles were used, of which: more than 195 million rubles of public funds; more than 415 million rubles of funds of legal entities and individuals.
In 2018, 708 thousand children were provided at the expense of state funds with sanatorium-resort treatment and rehabilitation, which is 25 thousand 400 more children than in 2017.
The infrastructure of sanatorium-resort and health-improving organizations is constantly an object of investment activity: in 2018, 65 million rubles were used to strengthen their material and technical base, including more than 42 million rubles of owners' funds.
Thanks to the development and improvement of the material and technical base of health resorts, the introduction of new technologies of spa therapy, the improvement of service, as well as the increased efficiency of the use of natural healing factors, in 2018 there was a significant increase in the performance of sanatorium and resort organizations of the republic compared to 2017.
So, according to the results of 2018, revenue from the sale of services to legal entities and individuals increased by 21.4 percent and amounted to 415 million 500 thousand rubles. The number of people recovered at their own expense increased by 48 thousand 900 people and amounted to 578 thousand 100 people.
Increased revenue from export of services. In 2018, revenue from the sale of services to foreign citizens by the health resorts of the republic increased by 13.2 percent compared to 2017 and amounted to more than 193 million rubles. The number of healthy citizens of the countries of near and far abroad increased by 24 thousand people and amounted to more than 232 thousand people.
Due to the improvement of the quality and expansion of the list of services rendered, the introduction of new forms of service, and the optimal level of prices in 2018, the republic’s health resorts implemented additional paid services that were not included in the cost of the voucher worth more than 105 million rubles, which is 57.5 percent more than in 2017. Including revenue from the sale of additional paid medical services increased by 19.4 percent and amounted to more than 40 million rubles.
The Center and sanatorium-resort organizations completed the task set by the Government and in 2018 did not allow an unjustified increase in prices for the provided sanatorium-improving services.