On the organization of sanatorium treatment of children with disabilities v DROTs "Sail" Vitebsk region


Regional Children's Rehabilitation Wellness Center "Parus" is located in the Postavy district, Vitebsk region.
Environmentally positive space center "Parus" is ideal for the implementation of the tasks to improve the health of children. Contact with nature, fresh air, rich pine scent, to help get rid of the feeling of poor health and give the charge of natural energy.
Since 2017 wire "Sail" is working with the National Center for Health Improvement and Sanatorium treatment of the population to improve the health of children with disabilities. Annual sold 100 vouchers for this category of children with accompaniment.
Work Rehabilitation Center is based on the harmonious combination of classical methods of restoring health and new scientific achievements. The medical and health department carried out more than 90 different types of procedures.
In the center are widely used effective methods of physical therapy and sovremennayakineziterapiya. Since 2017 introduced technique "Ekzarta" (rehabilitation in diseases of the musculoskeletal system on the suspension). This technique with positive effektomprimenyaetsya and rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy. Center instructor were trained in the program of development of large motor skills with elements of Vojta, Bobath and PNF therapy. Equipped with a dedicated gym with neurological disorders in children. Trainings are held on Stabiloplatform "Velogeymik" for the development of motor coordination. Implemented method of fitness and tantseterapii for children with musculoskeletal system. Nordic walking is a school.
For correction of fine motor hand works ergotherapy office equipped with special stands for the restoration and the formation of life skills (bizibordy), the development of tactile sensitivity, movements plasticity.
The rehabilitation program including test programs and sessions with the psychologist, including art therapy imuzykoterapiyu, Trainings on development of communication skills and creative thinking. Part of the course, according to indications, held in the offices of multitouch development using interactive facilities (educational, training and relaxing program).
When violations of children's speech therapist advises the teacher-therapist and assigned remedial training course. The complex includes a correction logo massage, the classic technique of correction of speech, as well as work with the use of computer-logo program.
Much attention is paid to the experts of the Center of healthy lifestyles in children during the games, sports, interactive activities. The center creates good conditions for recreation and sports activities: sports hall and playgrounds outdoors, Bike Path, ecological route. Become traditional competitions, entertainment, evenings around the campfire, tour, master classes by masters of arts and crafts and others.