On the results of the work of the Minsk City Office of the Republican Center for Health Improvement and Sanatorium-Resort Treatment of the Population in 2018 and Tasks for 2019

On February 1, 2019, the work of the Minsk City Administration Office of the Republican Center for Health Improvement and Spa Treatment of the Population (hereinafter - the representative office) for 2018 was summed up.
The head of the representative office Nafranovich Valery Arkadyevich made a report at the meeting.
The total number of employees in Minsk as of 01/01/2019 according to the data of the Minsk city government of the Fund for Social Protection of the Population is 988,839 people. The number of students and pupils studying in Minsk is 115160 people.
The representative office is registered in accordance with the submitted orders of 6665 rehabilitation commissions, created in organizations and enterprises, and 45 student commissions. In the reporting period, 146 commissions were registered with the representative office.
During 2018, with the use of state social insurance funds, 14,555 working citizens of the city and their minor children were sent to sanatorium-resort treatment and rehabilitation.
According to the Health Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee, medical indications for sanatorium-resort treatment have
17909 children of Minsk aged from 3 to 18 years old (besides disabled children).
In 2018, at the expense of the state social insurance funds and the republican budget, 6,744 children were sent for sanatorium treatment free of charge, which accounted for 37.7% of the needy.
In 2018, 426 vouchers to this sanatorium were implemented in accordance with the finalized plan (in 2017, 194). 186 are planned for 2019.
The number of children sent to sanatorium-resort treatment together with one of the parents increases annually, and there is a growing need for adults and children, as well as adults with two and three children.
In order to increase the implementation of vouchers to children's sanatoriums, the specialists of the representative office are constantly working to inform the public on the issues of sanatorium-resort treatment of children. In particular, they advised visitors to the Maternity and Childhood Fair, organized for the fourth year in a row
in October 2018 by the Committee for Labor and Social Protection of the Minsk City Executive Committee at the BelExpo Exhibition Center.
n general, in 2018, the provision of sanatorium-resort treatment and rehabilitation in Minsk amounted to 15.1 healthy per 1,000 employees (in 2017 - 15.3), including 5 in children's sanatoriums (in 2017 - 5.2 ), 4.8 - in sanatoriums for adults (in 2017 - 4.6), 2.5 - in the state institution "Republican Center for Medical Rehabilitation and Balneotherapy" (in 2017 - 2.6), 2.8 - in sanatoriums adult and child (in 2017 - 2.9).
Based on the reporting data provided by the organizations at the place of work, citizens and their minor children were issued
14142 permits with the use of state social insurance. Wherein:
43.4% of vouchers (6143) of the total number received were issued free of charge to children in children's sanatoria;
9.3% of vouchers (1318) were paid in the amount of 15% of their full cost by parents traveling together with their children to sanatorium-resort treatment in a sanatorium (department) of an adult with a child (on average, the surcharge was 140.5 rubles);
47.3% of vouchers (6681) were issued with partial payment, and with payment in the price range up to 30% of the cost (ratio up to 1.0), 3,337 working citizens received vouchers to a sanatorium for adults (on average, the supplement for the voucher was 132.2 rubles taking into account trips to balneary).
Currently in Minsk there are 2 student sanatoriums, one of which (Belarusian State Medical University) works in an outpatient mode, the other - (Politekhnik, Belarusian National Technical University, the settlement of Zhdanovichi, providing daily delivery of students to the place of study in Minsk and back) - around the clock.
In 2018, on the basis of the student sanatorium-preventorium of the Belarusian State Medical University, 970 students were rehabilitated with a day stay (against the plan of 1125).
1605 students were sent to undergo treatment in a student sanatorium with a 24-hour stay "Polytechnic", of which 605 on cheaper vouchers (with a plan of 1000), 1000 - on vouchers purchased by the Center. The plan was not fulfilled due to the fact that a health camp for the first time operated on the basis of a dispensary in the summer, in which 924 children could recover.
In addition, 27 vouchers were issued to students by the health improvement commissions to other sanatorium organizations of the republic.
A total of 2,602 students improved their health during the year (1980 in 2017).
According to the health care committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee in Minsk, 2478 disabled children need sanatorium-resort treatment. As of January 1, 2019, 1643 disabled children, or 66.3% of those in need, are registered with a representative office for a voucher.
In 2018, in accordance with the plan brought by the Center, it was sent for free at the expense of the republican budget for sanatorium-resort treatment of 675 disabled children, including 2 disabled children having a causal relationship with the Chernobyl disaster. Another 3 disabled children were sent to sanatorium-resort treatment at the expense of state social insurance.
The total number of sanitized was 678 children, or 41.3% of the number who applied to the representative office and 27.4% of the number of children with disabilities in Minsk who need sanatorium-resort treatment.
With a priority of 370 disabled children with cerebral palsy, in 2018 111 children (in 2017 - 126) or 30% of those who applied applied for sanatorium-resort treatment in the specialized sanatorium “Belarus” Druskininkai. The frequency of receiving vouchers for children diagnosed with cerebral palsy in this sanatorium is on average 1 every 2.5-3 years (some children receive vouchers to other sanatoriums).
The representative office has 131 children diagnosed with diabetes. In the reporting year, the office for providing disabled children received 103 vouchers to the sanatorium “Belorusochka” (in 2017 they did not receive it).
162 disabled children with various pathologies (diseases of the musculoskeletal system, diabetes mellitus, cardiopathology) were rehabilitated by one of the parents on the bases adapted for these purposes at the Zvezdny health camp SE "Belaeronavigation" (72 children), sanatorium "Sputnik" Minskremstroy OJSC (71 children).
The municipal “City Children's Medical Rehabilitation Center“ Praleska ”of the Health Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee (the town of Rakov) accepted 19 children together with one of the parents for recuperation.
As of January 1, 2019, 52,800 non-working citizens, including 50,396 veterans and disabled people of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, 2,292 veterans and disabled security forces, and 112 disabled people of groups I and II who suffered in as a result of the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.
In 2018, 180 disabled people and participants of the Great Patriotic War and 36 veterans of the Great Patriotic War (218 and 47 respectively in 2017) were sent to the spa in 2018, including 29 people provided with vouchers from the budget of the Union State of Belarus and Russia (in 2017 - 50).
3709 vouchers were allocated to non-working disabled persons of groups I and II who are eligible for priority free provision of vouchers, which was 16.8% of the total registered.
Currently, vouchers are issued to non-working disabled persons of groups I and II, who have registered with people who need sanatorium-resort treatment in 2017, that is, the representation is provided by this category of citizens at intervals prescribed by law.
Disabled labor veterans of the Group III disabled, who are provided with vouchers for sanatorium-resort treatment with a partial cost payment, provided about 6.3% (1607 people) of those registered. Currently, vouchers are issued to citizens who are registered with those in need of sanatorium-resort treatment for 2012-2013 inclusive.
In the past year, slightly higher compared to citizens receiving a pension from the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, coverage of non-working citizens who are retired security forces was provided with sanatorium-resort treatment. 530 vouchers were allocated to non-working citizens, of which 259 were for disabled people of groups I and II (22.2% of the number who applied) and 271 packages for veterans of the Armed Forces (31.4% of those who applied).
In total, in 2018, 774 vouchers were allocated under the budget to “security agencies”. In addition to non-working citizens, the vouchers were allocated to servicemen and their minor children.
55 non-working disabled people of I and II groups affected by the Chernobyl disaster were sent to sanatorium-resort treatment. Almost 100% coverage is provided with sanatorium-resort treatment in this category, taking into account the frequency of vouchers allocation once every 2 years, which is the maximum possible in accordance with the Decree. One of the most important areas of work of the representative office is the organization of mass rehabilitation of schoolchildren during the holidays in camps of various types. In October, the city conference was held for the eighth time following the results of the summer health campaign, and for the sixth time it carried an on-site character, where the best in nominations were noted.