On the organization of the rehabilitation of children of the Gomel region during the spring holidays

In order to organize rehabilitation and recreation, creating conditions for active developmental leisure of children and adolescents during the spring holidays of the 2018-2019 school year, health camps will be organized in the Gomel region with day stay at the bases of educational institutions, as well as at the bases of specialized educational and sports institutions , secondary schools - schools of the Olympic reserve, carrying out sports training sports reserve.
In the Gomel region it is planned to organize the work of 383 camps with a day stay, in which about 9450 children will be provided with rehabilitation.
Of public funds for the rehabilitation of children of the Gomel region, a total of 2,38140.00 rubles was allocated, for the reduction of the cost of a voucher per child - 25.20 rubles. The parental fee for a voucher to the camp with a day stay is set at the rate of additional payments to the full cost of the voucher.
Spring holidays for children will begin from March 25th. The duration of the shift will be six days. When recruiting groups in camps, special attention is paid to the categories of large families, low-income and single-parent families, families in a socially dangerous situation, children from adoptive and guardianship families, and also registered with the juvenile affairs inspectorate.
In order to make the week of rest interesting, and leisure was varied, the organizers of the recreation camps developed recreational and educational programs for children, including cultural events and sports, excursions, games, contests, classes in interest groups, visits to theaters, museums, viewing movies and documentaries and other events. As part of a citywide action of useful deeds, children will be able to engage in the development and implementation of volunteer projects, to participate in work on the improvement and greening of the territory of educational institutions.
In educational institutions of the region, trainings and thematic conversations will be organized, including in cooperation with the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Traffic Police, OSVOD: “Safe rules of conduct during walks and excursions”, “Precautionary measures during spring break”, “Rules of behavior with strangers” “Choice is yours”, “Children on the Internet”, the quest game on legal knowledge “Young Lawyer”, work with gifted children in the framework of cooperation with Belarusbank in the area of ​​“Finance. Business. Training, watching videos “For a healthy lifestyle”, “On safety of behavior in public places”, “On the dangers of alcohol and smoking”, quizzes “Road maze”, “Know and respect your rights”.
All the activities planned during the spring break are aimed at solving the tasks of rehabilitation, spiritual and moral, civil, patriotic, intellectual, labor and environmental education, development of the creative potential of children, and satisfaction of their physical needs.