On the organization of the rehabilitation of children in the Minsk region during the spring holidays

According to operational data, in the Minsk region during the spring holidays from March 25, 2019 to March 30, 2019, 283 recreation camps were organized in which 9,505 children are improving their health, of which about half of the camps work for rural children.
For these purposes, the Minsk Regional Department of the Republican Center for Health Improvement and Sanatorium-Resort Treatment of the population allocated 239,400.0 thousand rubles.
The average cost of a voucher will be 30.72 rubles, of which the average parental surcharge is 5.30 rubles.
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For the purpose of the maty Menskim ablastnaya kravannyem Respublіkanskaga tsentra pa dzdaraўlennі і sanatorna-resort lyachnnі populіntstva vyzlena 239 400.0 thousand rubles.
Särednі kosht puckyўkі skladze 30,72 rubles, from іх sheer bazkoўskaya daplata - 5.30 rubles.
Before the holidays, all educational institutions conducted safety lessons on teaching students how to behave safely during the spring holidays.
Educational work with students is carried out in accordance with the approved work plans in the following areas: sports and recreational, aesthetic, environmental, intellectual. A fruitful cooperation has been established in the organization of leisure activities for children with institutions of supplementary education for children and young people in physical culture and health and sports.
During the spring break, events were organized aimed at preventing child road traffic injuries, illegal actions, use of narcotic drugs and smoking mixtures. In all health camps, there are interdepartmental thematic events on safe behavior on roads, ponds, in the forest, on the prevention of road traffic accidents involving children and adolescents.
Meals in recreation camps are organized on the basis of exemplary diets, developed taking into account age categories, the physiological needs of the child’s body. This diet was developed on the basis of the principle of gentle nutrition, with the exception of the most difficult to digest and spicy dishes. Multivitaminization is regularly carried out (Revit vitamins), the menu includes fruits, juices in a varied assortment, and bifidine. In each camp, a rejection commission has been established by order of the educational institution. Laboratory monitoring of the quality and safety of cooked food is carried out in accordance with the requirements of sanitary norms and rules.