In the summer of 2019, in the Vitebsk region it is planned to improve 45,000 children, including 17,335 children in camps around the clock stay and 27,665 with day care.
29 stationary recreation camps and 6 camps at rented bases are planned.
On the bases of general education schools and educational and sports institutions of the region 500 health camps with daytime stay will be opened.
93.9 thousand rubles of state funds were allocated for the preparation and strengthening of the material and technical base of suburban health camps, 300.0 thousand rubles were allocated from the regional budget, 130.0 thousand rubles from the funds of the republican community work day and 500.0 thousand rubles were planned to be sent to these goals owners of objects.
The decision of the regional executive committee "On the organization of the health improvement and employment of children in health camps (sports and health camps) in the summer of 2019" approved the composition of the working group on the preparation of health camps and the study of compliance with the conditions for the safe stay of children in the camps. The commission included representatives of the Department of Education, the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology, the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The work of the commission is coordinated by the head of the representative office for health improvement and sanatorium-resort treatment of the population.
From the regional budget, 50,000 rubles were allocated for the supplement of vouchers for disabled children, children from large families, children with psychophysical developmental characteristics, employees of state-financed organizations financed from the regional budget, children who have both parents who are not disabled or retired, and children left without care. parents and under the care of non-working pensioners. 
Funds were also allocated to pay for 60 vouchers for disabled children suffering from diabetes, hearing impairment and the musculoskeletal system. Each group of children will receive two specialists accompanying them. The children will undergo rehabilitation in the health camp "Raduga" of the Vitebsk Regional Children's Clinical Center.
From the budget of the city of Vitebsk, 102.2 thousand rubles were allocated to pay for vouchers for disabled children, children from large families, children with psychophysical developmental characteristics of employees of public institutions funded from the city budget, as well as orphans and children left without parental care independently from their device to education.
In addition, district executive committees are seeking additional funds to pay for trips for orphans, disabled people and children from large families.