On the organization of the rehabilitation of children of the Gomel region in the summer of 2019

In the Gomel region during the summer vacation period of 2019, it is planned to improve 60,523 children, which is 39.6% of the total number of students. Of these, 14523 children living or studying in educational institutions in the territories of radioactive contamination will be sent to sanatorium-resort treatment or rehabilitation in organized groups to sanatorium-resort organizations of the Republic of Belarus. In the children's health and sports camps it is planned to improve 46,000 children, including 13,250 children in the camps with round-the-clock stay and 3,750 children in the camps during the daytime stay.
9 stationary health camps will be organized in the region, 5 of which will work in 4 shifts.
In order to maximize the recovery of children aged 6 to 18 years, great attention is paid to the organization of camps by profiles and activities, as well as labor and recreation camps. Thus, it is planned to open 197 labor and recreation camps, 170 of them with day care for 2,750 children and 27 for 24 hours for 625 places; 138 sports and recreation camps, of which 120 day stay for 10,000 places and 18 day and night for 2397 places. It is also planned to hold 4 camps for a period of not more than 9 days with a twenty-four-hour stay of the military-sports profile for 95 places.
Particular attention, as in previous years, will be paid to the organization of recreation and cultural and educational activities for children from large families, adoptive, guardianship families, as well as minor children who are in a socially dangerous position and on various types of preventive registration. Difficult adolescents will be attracted to work in labor and recreation camps, as well as sent to defense and sports camps and other profiles.
In health camps, it is planned to improve 413 disabled children with peculiar psychophysical development, 1,670 orphans.
Summer holidays in recreation, sports and recreation camps will be able to spend 2,700 children of the Gomel region affected by the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, at the expense of public funds.
In total, 5,646.0 thousand rubles were allocated from the republican budget in 2019 for the summer health campaign in the Gomel region. Including 4,209.8 thousand rubles provided for cheaper prices for vouchers to health camps and 1,436.2 thousand rubles for the purchase of vouchers for children affected by the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.
By the order of the Gomel Regional Executive Committee of April 17, 2019 No. 107-p "On the allocation of funds from the regional budget" 93.0 thousand rubles were allocated from the regional budget and distributed to district executive committees to reduce the cost of a voucher to health camps with a round-the-clock stay of the children of workers budget organizations and additional payments to the full cost of vouchers: for orphans and children left without parental care, regardless of the form of their foster care, for disabled children, including living in residential homes for disabled children with peculiar psychophysical development; for children from large and low-income families.
Currently, the preparation of health camps for the summer period is actively underway. Measures are being taken in accordance with the approved work schedules drawn up on the basis of the requirements of the sanitary and fire inspectorates. Maintenance repairs of residential buildings, kitchens and other premises are underway.
Works are being carried out on the improvement of the territory, bringing the sports grounds and adjacent territories to proper condition. In total, 320.5 thousand rubles were allocated for the preparation of stationary camps of the Gomel region for the summer recreation period, of which the republican budget is 40.5 thousand rubles, the regional budget is 30.0 thousand rubles, and funds earned on the republican cleanup , 250.0 thousand rubles. Work is underway to provide health camps with personnel, studies are being conducted, educational and health work is being planned. Conditions are created for the safe stay of children in the health camps and the organization of the most useful employment during the summer holidays.