On the progress of the health campaign in the Mogilev region

In the first shift of the summer period of 2019, in the 55 recreation camps with round-the-clock stay, 4514 children and adolescents of the Mogilev region were rehabilitated (25.8 percent of the plan). The rehabilitation was carried out on the basis of 16 stationary camps, 10 rented and in 29 twenty-four-hour specialized camps with a stay of at least 9 days.
In 483 camps with a day stay, 21,925 people were improved (85.2 percent of the plan).
According to the results of the first shift, 922 people from the privileged category were improved, including 218 disabled children, 704 from the number of orphans.
During the first shift, 6,450 people from among the pupils of sports facilities of the region were improved or 24.4 percent of the total number of healthy ones and 71.1 percent of the plan, including 447 people in 24-hour sports camps or 22.6 percent of the plan of these, 317 people stayed in camps for a period of at least 9 days, 130 people stayed in day-and-night camps for a period of 18 days or more. In sports camps with a day stay, 6003 people were recuperated, or 82.7 percent of the plan.
In total, for the first shift, 26,439 people or 61.2 percent of the planned number of children underwent rehabilitation.
The average cost of the voucher in the around-the-clock stationary camp was 449.20 rubles, the sports around-the-clock - 405.00 rubles, in the profile (tent) - 104.70 rubles, in the sports profile - 155.70 rubles, in the camp with daytime - 105.80 rubles, sports daytime - 115.60 rubles, in the labor and recreation camp - 110.30 rubles.
Loading stationary health camps in the first shift amounted to 98.4 percent of the available capacity.
In the first shift, the work of more than 200 specialized detachments and camps was organized, including for highly motivated, local history, art, defense and sports, ethnographic and other profiles, in which 10,314 people underwent rehabilitation. There were 102 labor and recreation camps in which 1,477 people underwent rehabilitation.
In order to develop the creative potential of students, to intensify their preparation for competitions, competitions in June of this year. the regional recreation camp was organized with the round-the-clock stay of children "Olympian". Camp participants are winners of republican and regional subject olympiads. In cooperation with the units of the internal affairs agencies, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and the Ministry of Defense, military-patriotic health camps were organized with the involvement of minor children and adolescents who are in a socially dangerous position, recognized as in need of state protection, registered in the inspectorates for minors.
Catering is organized in recreation camps with children staying around the clock in accordance with the monetary standards for food expenses and an approximate two-week menu. Implementation of natural norms is in the range of 85-100 percent.
Issues of summer holidays and the employment of children are regularly covered in the media: on Internet sites, including offices and departments of education, television, radio.