On the rehabilitation of children of the Gomel region in the camps in 1 shift of the summer period of 2019

In the Gomel region, in the first shift of the summer period of 2019, 738 recreation camps of various types functioned, of which:
107 round-the-clock health camps, including 9 stationary camps, 1 camp on the basis of UE Sanatorium Silver Keys, 9 health camps on the bases of educational institutions and 88 nine-day specialized camps;
631 health camps with day stay.
During the first shift, over 4.7 thousand children improved their health in 24-hour recreation camps, which is 35.71% of the children's health plan for the summer period, and 22.8 thousand children improved in day-camps, which is 69.56% from the plan.
Special attention is paid to the improvement of socially unprotected categories of children, in particular, to orphans and children left without parental care, as well as children with disabilities. According to the results of the first shift, 722 children from the category of orphans and children left without parental care, and 285 disabled children were improved.
In the first shift, work was organized in 132 labor and recreation camps, including 19 with a 24-hour stay and 113 with a day-time stay of children. Total rested and worked in these camps 2107 teenagers. With the assistance of the Committee on Labor, Employment and Social Protection of the Gomel Regional Executive Committee, workplaces were created for students in various types of payroll activities: improvement of school grounds, repair of school furniture, production of stands, souvenirs, weeding crops, work in a nursery, caring for forest cultures and others.
For example, labor and recreation camps were organized:
GUO "Secondary School No. 6 of Rechitsa" - tailoring covered, furniture assembly, wages ranged from 25.00 to 59.00 rubles;
GUO "Secondary School No. 7 of Rechitsa" - landscaping, wages amounted to 40.00 rubles;
KSUP "State Farm" Kormyansky area - specific weeding, salary 100.00 rubles;
schoolchildren of the Education, Sports and Tourism Department of the Narovlya District Executive Committee earned 110.70 to 134.16 rubles for tailoring bed linen and manufacturing corner shelves, and 23 pupils of schools in the Buda-Koshelevo district paid for weeding of grain and potatoes at Experimental Base Penchin "Earned 150.00 rubles.
Thus, in the labor and recreation camps of the Gomel region, in one shift, adolescents could earn from 25.00 rubles to 150.00 rubles.
In order to prevent juvenile delinquency in the region, work is carried out on interdepartmental camps in conjunction with the CRPS, ROVD, OSVOD, BRSM, border guard detachments, military units and other organizations. 
So in June, the Legion defense and sports tent camp operated on the basis of the Specialized Lyceum at the University of Civil Protection of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus, a regional interdepartmental recreation camp was organized with the round-the-clock stay of children Teenager on the basis of the secondary educational institution No. 5 Rogachev and other camps, in which, for 1 shift, 923 adolescents who were registered in the Inspectorate for Minors in a socially dangerous situation improved their health. 
In the Gomel region, constant preventive monitoring of health camps is carried out on compliance with the requirements of sanitary and epidemiological well-being, fire safety, nutritional standards and others. Gomel Regional Executive Committee approved the schedule of visits to health camps with a round-the-clock stay in the summer. The group includes specialists from the representative office, the sanitary service, the department of education, public catering, the commission on juvenile affairs of the regional executive committee. The recommendations of the working groups are taken into account by the owners of the recreation camps and implemented immediately.
The organizers of the recreation camps have taken measures to ensure the safety of life and health of children, to ensure their safe stay in the camps.