On holding the city conference "Results of the summer recreational campaign in 2019 and tasks for 2020"

On October 11, 2019, on the basis of the Rodnichok recreation camp of the Beltelecom Republican Unitary Enterprise, an annual city conference on the outcomes of the 2019 summer recreation campaign with the participation of A.N. Tsuran, Deputy Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee, was held traditionally.
The conference was attended by: Chairman of the Minsk City Council of Deputies V. V. Panasyuk, Chairman of the Minsk City Association of Trade Union Organizations Belanovsky N.A. Heads of committees and departments of the Minsk City Executive Committee, deputy heads and heads of education departments of the Minsk city administrations, heads of proprietary enterprises, heads of health camps, representatives of interested institutions and city services.
The conference was opened by A. N. Tsuran, Deputy Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee. He noted that the health campaign was held at a high organizational level:
- New educational programs were implemented, profile shifts took place. Children managed not only to relax, but also to get completely new skills that cannot be mastered in a school setting.
In Minsk, much has been done to improve the health-improving system: annually we preserve the volumes of health-improving for schoolchildren, systematically strengthen the material and technical base and infrastructure of health camps.
The head of the Minsk city department of the Republican Center for Health Improvement and Sanatorium-and-Resort Treatment of the Population V.A. Nafranovich reported on the results of the summer rehabilitation of schoolchildren of the capital in 2019 and tasks for 2020.
According to the speaker, during the summer season of 2019, 68,431 metropolitan schoolchildren were able to improve their health in 829 camps of various types, including 30 suburban owned enterprises of the city.
Valery Nafranovich also emphasized that the improvement of children in difficult life situations, including children with disabilities, remains a priority in organizing children's vacations. These categories of children, in accordance with the decision of the Minsk City Council of Deputies dated 16.11.2016 No. 243 "On the establishment of social support measures for certain categories of citizens", provide for the allocation of funds from the city budget to reduce the cost of vouchers and pay up to the full cost of vouchers to recreational camps.
The measures taken made it possible to improve the health of 1486 children from among orphans and children under guardianship in camps with day and round-the-clock stays. Vouchers are fully paid from the city budget.
The practice of improving the health of children with disabilities continued, who were sent to camps with day care (on the basis of correctional and developmental education centers) and around-the-clock stay with teachers from boarding schools. A total of 1,280 disabled children have been treated.
At the expense of the budget of Minsk and the republican budget, traditionally already 159 disabled children (162 in 2018) with various pathologies underwent rehabilitation accompanied by one of their parents at the bases equipped for these purposes: in "Zvezdny" health camps of "Belaeronavigation", "Sputnik" "Minskremstroy OJSC" and UZ Urban Children's Center for Medical Rehabilitation "Praleska" of the Health Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee (Rakov town).
The children of state employees of municipal property organizations received surcharges from the city budget when acquiring permits to suburban camps in the amount of up to 105 rubles per trip. This type of assistance was used by 1940 children (in 2018 - 1769 children).
In order to prevent delinquency and prevent asocial behavior of adolescents during the summer season, using the funds of the city budget and state social insurance, 696 children are sent to health camps with day and round-the-clock stays, who are on various types of registration and are brought up in dysfunctional families.
To meet the needs of children in various types of activities and to acquire useful skills, 563 camps (units) were organized in profiles, areas of activity with day and round-the-clock stays, in which 28,407 children rested, of which 7,642 were aged 15-18 years.
A special place in the system of moral and patriotic education of children and adolescents is occupied by them staying in military-patriotic camps.
Together with employees of military units, border outposts, educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the work of 19 military-patriotic camps (detachments) was organized with the coverage of more than 560 children.
Traditionally, in every district of Minsk, defense-patriotic camps with daytime stays were opened at the bases of youth pre-draft training centers.
On the basis of the Rostok Center for Rehabilitation of Disabled and Disabled Children of the Committee on Labor and Employment of the Minsk City Executive Committee, the work of the Patriot interdistrict camp for adolescents requiring special social and pedagogical attention and who are engaged in traditionally organized and funded from the city budget and state social insurance funds in pre-conscription training centers of the capital. This summer, four 9-day camp camp shifts for 183 teenagers were organized at the center’s base this summer.
The subjects of the projects and programs being implemented in health camps were formed in accordance with the calendar of significant dates, public holidays and other memorable events for the Republic of Belarus and Minsk. The year of the small homeland, the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from Nazi invaders and the Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus, the holding of the II European Games in the republic received their reflection in the plans for the health camps.
This summer in Minsk, 90 labor and leisure camps were organized for 1,247 adolescents aged 14-18 years.
Under the terms of the agreements, jobs were provided by the structural units of the Minsk City Housing, GOUP Minskzelenstroy, trade and public catering enterprises, educational institutions and other organizations.
In his report, Valery Nafranovich also noted that the network of suburban health camps was modernized using the funds of camp owners, the city budget, trade union organizations, sponsors, as well as subbotniks.
This allowed to significantly increase the level of comfort in the camps of schoolchildren in the city, creating conditions for them to play sports, and developing creative potential.
This year, to carry out activities to prepare suburban health camps in Minsk for the summer season
8317.49 thousand rubles were allocated from consolidated sources. (in 2018 - 4383 thousand rubles), including 5942.4 thousand rubles were sent by the enterprises-owners of the camps. or 71.4% of the total amount allocated, from the budget of the city of Minsk - 700.0 thousand rubles, subbotnik funds - 1467.0 thousand rubles. (26% in total), funds of the republican budget - 108.09 thousand rubles, other sources - 100.0 thousand rubles. (sponsorship and funds of trade union organizations).
When preparing the summer health campaign in 2019, Valery Nafranovich emphasized in his report, specific measures were taken to ensure the creation of safe conditions for children to stay in organized children's groups. The central requirement for the leaders of the health camps is strict observance of measures for the safe stay of children in places of recreation and recreation, protection of their life and health.
In the final part of the report, the head of the Minsk city administration of the Republican Center for Health Improvement and Sanatorium-and-Resort Treatment of the Population V. Nafranovich noted that children's recreation camps of enterprises and organizations of the city of Minsk spent the season ended at a high level, worked well, thereby confirming their leading position among the recreation camps of our republic.
The first deputy chairman of the Education Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee, Vitaliy Prigodich, made a report on the implementation of programs of a profile orientation as part of the summer health campaign.
Gindyuk N.T. - in her speech, the chief sanitary doctor of Minsk gave an assessment of the effectiveness of improving the health of children in children's recreation camps in Minsk in the summer of 2019.
Deputy General Director for Construction
RUE Beltelecom G. V. Melnikov told the conference participants about the role of RUE Beltelecom in strengthening the material and technical base of the Rodnichok recreation camp.
Summing up the city conference, Deputy Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee Tsuran A.N. emphasized that the city authorities will continue to support the summer health system for children. The Minsk leadership is in favor of maintaining the existing base of suburban health camps and will not allow their reprofiling.
Artem Tsuran noted that practice shows that the formal transfer “from balance to balance”, as a rule, does not give a tangible economic effect for specific enterprises.
It would be wiser not to get rid of the camps, and, taking into account the requirements of the time, use the existing potential for year-round rehabilitation of children and workers of the industry nterprises, organize cultural and sporting events at their bases, where possible, switch to full or partial self-sufficiency.
 When preparing work programs for the next year, we must be aware that for the future state and social development, only the organization of leisure, food and everyday life is already insufficient. It is necessary to identify new meaningful approaches that create opportunities for children to master such knowledge and life experience that other social institutions cannot provide. At the end of the event, a festive concert was held with the participation of amateur groups of RUE Beltelecom and an award ceremony for services to the children's health in the capital in 2019.
And a surprise gift for all those present was the appearance on the stage of the Belarusian singer, TV presenter, artist of the State Theater and Spectacle Institution "Youth Variety Theater" - Olga Plotnikova.