Caring for children's health is a priority in the Brest region. One of the types of social assistance in strengthening the health of the child is preferential provision of sanatorium-resort treatment and rehabilitation.
The number of underage children from 3 to 18 years of age living in the Brest region is over 244 thousand people and is the second largest in the republic, giving way to the city of Minsk.
Thanks to the socially-oriented state policy, children have the opportunity to receive free spa treatment in the presence of medical indications. In order to reach the fullest coverage of children in need of spa treatment in the region, thorough organizational work is being carried out. In cities and regions, the need of children is studied, disaggregated by disease profiles, and the demand for preferential spa treatment. At the level of the Brest Regional Executive Committee, a decision is made annually in which instructions are given to all interested services to organize a summer health campaign. At the level of city executive committees, decisions are also made on the above issue, commissions for the acceptance of health camps are created.
Work on the preparation of stationary camps is carried out in accordance with measures to strengthen the material and technical base of suburban health camps, compiled on the basis of the instructions of the bodies of state sanitary and fire control and approved by the city executive committees.
This year, due attention will also be paid to the spa treatment and rehabilitation of children in the region. So, in 2020, in the Brest region about 16 thousand children will improve their health in health resorts of the Republic of Belarus, including 686 disabled children, 10.5 thousand children living and studying in the territories contaminated with radionuclides. In addition, it is planned to rehabilitate 93.7 thousand children in recreation camps during the vacation periods.
It should be noted that each year about 80 percent of the total amount of funds allocated by the state goes to the implementation of benefits for sanatorium-resort treatment and rehabilitation of children. The need for children's health is fully provided in the region.
Health resorts of Belarus, which accept treatment for both the children themselves and their legal representatives accompanying them, are located in places with unique natural resources.
Sanatorium treatment of children is carried out according to modern methods. The entire health complex is built mainly on natural natural treatments - these are mud, mineral waters, various baths, inhalations, speleo (halo) therapy and a favorable climate. Health resorts are equipped with modern medical equipment that allows not only treatment, but also the diagnosis of diseases in children.
Children's sanatoriums offer year-round rehabilitation with the provision of the main educational course of the school program.
The annual prevention of diseases with the help of spa treatment has a bracing effect on the young body and serves as an impetus for the emergence of strong immunity. A highly qualified staff of health resorts and health camps provides children with quality treatment and good rest.