The main direction of recovery and employment of students during the holidays is the organization of camps with day and round-the-clock stay of children at the bases of educational and sports institutions. During the spring break, 260 camps are planned in the Vitebsk region, in which 11460 schoolchildren will recover.
Employees of educational institutions have planned maximum conditions for children to improve their health, relax, make rational use of vacation time, foster citizenship and patriotism, build a common culture, and develop leadership qualities.
From March 28 to April 5, a 9-day camp with round-the-clock stay of children of the civil-patriotic profile "Patriots.by" will operate on the basis of the State Educational Institution of Vitebsk District. The camp participants are leaders of the school children's movement - pioneers, young firefighters, young traffic inspectors, young guides, leaders of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union, the Youth Chamber, and student self-government bodies. Tours are planned in Vitebsk, a visit to the Zaronovsky Krai History Museum, video contests, leadership development trainings, a lesson of the Leader Student Active School, etc.
As part of the profile shift, a meeting will be held with participants of the 20th international rally of museums, students of educational institutions in Moscow, the Russian Federation and the Vitebsk region, which will be held in the Vitebsk region from March 31 to April 1. Within the framework of the meeting, patriotic events are planned: participation in the solemn line dedicated to the Day of Unity of Belarus and Russia, rallies in the agricultural towns of Vorona and Zaronovo, an interactive tour to the bread museum in the agricultural town of Vymno, a walking tour around Vitebsk, etc. Such a profile change can become a good tradition in the educational system and indicative of other regions of the Vitebsk Territory.