About children's summer vacation in the Brest region in 2020

Summer vacation is a time when children can replenish their strength, restore health, develop creativity, time of discoveries and adventures, time of games, events, meeting new friends and meeting with a miracle.
Of course, all this can be obtained during the holidays in the country health camps, in camps with a day stay. You can relax and maintain your fitness in the sports camps or bring social benefits in labor and leisure camps.
In the Brest region, 21 stationary health camps of various departmental subordination are opening. The average cost of a ticket to this type of camp in the current year is 420.00 rubles, including 205.00 rubles from the republican budget for the reduction of the cost of a ticket.
Due to the difficult epidemiological situation both in the Republic of Belarus and in the region, suburban health camps plan to accept children starting June 15.
The competent services in the republic developed Temporary guidelines for the prevention of the introduction and spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in organizing the work of health and sanatorium organizations during the summer health campaign for children in 2020, which make changes to the work of health facilities.
All recreation camps that will open in the summer of 2020 are obliged to ensure maximum separation of children during their stay, meals, organize daily monitoring of children's health, regular wet cleaning of all rooms using disinfectants. Entertainment programs will be organized in such a way as to exclude a large number of children from being in one place and mainly in the fresh air.
In order to ensure the safety of children, as well as in connection with the introduction of a closed regime of stay, parental days in the camp are recommended to be excluded.
The parent needs to choose a recreation camp in which his child will rest.
All stationary health camps in the region are located in picturesque places, mostly on the banks of water bodies.


Every year, funds are sent from various sources to strengthen the material and technical base and prepare the camps. So, this year 1443.0 thousand rubles were allocated, including 244.9 thousand rubles from the local budget, funds of owners amounted to 708.7 thousand rubles, funds of the republican budget - 76.7 thousand rubles, sponsorship funds assistance - 50.7 thousand rubles, funds earned on the day of the republican subbotnik and remaining at the disposal of the regional executive committee - 362.0 thousand rubles.
In the residential buildings of the regional health camps in the region, all conditions have been created so that children can rest comfortably. Their territory is landscaped, equipped with water supply, sewage systems, as well as objects of sports and recreation and cultural purposes.


Information about stationary health camps in the Brest Region with contact numbers is available on the websites of the Brest Regional Executive Committee www.brest-region.by and the Brest City Executive Committee www.city-brest.gov.by.
To allocate a ticket to a recreation camp with a round-the-clock stay, the cost of which is cheaper at the expense of state funds, one of the working parents of the child must submit a written application to the recovery committee at the place of work, service, study with a copy of the child’s birth certificate, certificate of insecurity in this year, a voucher at the expense of state funds to the camp with a round-the-clock stay issued by the organization at the place of work, service of the other parent (starting from the second shift).
Children of individual entrepreneurs, notaries, lawyers, persons engaged in the types of craft activities provided for by legislative acts, persons engaged in agroecotourism activities without state registration as individual entrepreneurs, children whose parents are non-working pensioners or persons receiving benefits for the care of persons with disabilities I groups, children with disabilities or persons who have reached the age of 80, children of the unemployed registered in the management (department) for labor, employment and social protection of city executive committees can get a ticket,
the cost of which is cheaper at the expense of state funds, from specialists of the representative office of the Brest Regional Office of the Republican Center for Health Improvement and Sanatorium-and-Resort Treatment of the population at the place of residence.
Orphans, children left without parental care, children with disabilities receive a ticket to the departments (departments) of education. It is recommended to local executive and administrative bodies for this category of children, as well as for children from large families and low-income families, to provide an extra charge up to the full cost of tickets. This year, 430.5 thousand rubles of local budget funds were allocated for these purposes.
Health camps of the Brest region are waiting for you and will provide a complete unforgettable vacation.