On sanatorium-resort treatment and rehabilitation of children of the Gomel region living on the territory of radioactive contamination in the summer of 2020

One of the main tasks of the Gomel region is to provide sanatorium-resort treatment and rehabilitation for children living or studying in territories contaminated with radionuclides. Thanks to the state's socially-oriented policy, underage children living or studying in the territory of radioactive contamination in the zone of subsequent resettlement, in the zone with the right to resettlement and in the zone of residence with periodic radiation monitoring are entitled to free spa treatment or rehabilitation for up to one month.
For the Gomel region, the priority is the organization of sanatorium-resort treatment and rehabilitation of children as part of organized groups, accompanied by teachers. In the summer period of 2020, it is planned to send 7763 children for sanatorium-resort treatment and rehabilitation.
In order to minimize the risk of introduction and spread of COVID-19 infection, sanatorium-resort organizations ensure the implementation of sanitary and epidemiological measures recommended by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, namely: children are admitted to the organization to provide medical certificates with information about the absence of first-level contact for this infection at the place of residence (stay) of children, as well as after thermometry; a closed (non-traveling) mode of stay of children, work of workers, directly related to servicing children and employees of catering facilities; maximum separation of children was organized during their stay, meals, cultural events; the maximum stay of children in the open air is provided; wet cleaning is regularly carried out using disinfectants with a virucidal effect; additional premises are provided, which, if necessary, can be used as a medical isolator; as well as other activities aimed at creating the safest possible conditions for children to stay in health centers.
In every health resort of the republic there is everything necessary to ensure effective sanatorium-resort treatment, rehabilitation and good rest for children. Due to its geographical location, high quality food, a wide range of natural healing factors, the medical base of sanatorium organizations, every child undergoes the necessary course of sanatorium treatment or rehabilitation during his stay, according to a medical certificate about his health.
For the summer period of 2020, as well as annually, for children of the Gomel region who suffered from the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, in addition to trips to sanatorium-resort organizations, tickets to children's health camps are purchased at the expense of the republican budget. Currently, it is planned to purchase 1000 permits for this category of children in suburban stationary health camps with children staying round-the-clock, who are also prepared to receive children in accordance with sanitary and epidemiological recommendations.
In the Gomel region, the issues of conducting a summer health campaign, ensuring safety, quality nutrition, leisure for children, and providing medical assistance to children are constantly monitored by the representative office of the Gomel Regional Office of the Republican Center for Health Improvement and Sanatorium-and-Resort Treatment of the Population, Gomel Regional Executive Committee.