On the results of the rehabilitation of children of the Minsk region in the 1st shift of the 2020 year summer health campaign

According to operational data, 435 camps operated in 1 shift in the region, where 11,315 children received rehabilitation. In 2 round-the-clock camps, 100 students rested, of them:
- stationary sports camp - 23 people;
- 15-day sports camp - 77 students;
In 433 day camps - 11,215 children, of which:
- sports and fitness centers - 29 camps - 1,660 people;
- labor and rest camps - 25 camps - 318 children;
By the beginning of the health campaign, staffing was provided for all types of camps, action plans were developed to prepare teachers for work in health camps, studies were conducted, and educational and health work was planned.
In all health camps, the necessary conditions have been created for the prevention of the introduction and spread of COVID-19, taking into account the recommendations of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, plans have been developed for organizational and sanitary-anti-epidemic measures to prevent the introduction and spread of COVID-19 infection. Each squad is assigned playrooms, organized the stay of children in strictly fixed places. The arrangement of furniture in the premises was carried out in compliance with the principle of social distance. Dispensers with an antiseptic for processing hands were installed at the entrances to the buildings. Daily “morning filters” are carried out with obligatory thermometry in order to identify and prevent inmates from the unit with signs of respiratory illness. The association of pupils from different units into one group is excluded. The holding of cultural events and sports and recreational activities is organized outdoors.
During the summer recreational campaign of 2020, various projects were implemented in day camps, and activities aimed at improving the health of children and developing their creative abilities took place.
In the secondary school No. 1 named after Yanka Kupala in the recreation camp Kupalinka in the Molodechno district on 06/11/2020, a fun festival called "Fun Starts" was held in the fresh air. On 04/04/2020, the quest game "My Health is in My Hands" and watching the preventive clips "Fashion for Health" were held in the State Educational Institution "Gymnasium No. 3 of Molodechno" in the Rainbow camp on 04.06.2020.
In the camp "Vyaselka" State Educational Institution "Novovyoskovskaya Secondary School" was held the Day of the Olympic Movement, sportsland "Growing Healthy, Strong, Agile." In the state institution "Zayamnovskaya Secondary School" passed the brain ring "Say the magic word" No ", aimed at preventing bad habits, the conversation" Respiratory etiquette ".
On the basis of a recreation camp with daytime, the State Educational Institution “Secondary School No. 1 of the Old Town named after Hero of the Soviet Union F.F. Kulikov” was implementing the Zvyozdny business project. As part of the project, the guys got acquainted with the types of business, new business vocabulary, learned how money is earned and the family budget is distributed.
In the Patriot camp on the basis of the GUO "Secondary School No. 3 of the Old Towns", special attention was paid to a significant date - the 75th anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet people in World War II. The children took part in the following events: the minute of family glory “We achieved a lot, we achieved a lot”, at which the children were offered to watch military awards and letters from the front in the original; competition "Letter to the future without war".
In the recreational camp with a day's stay, the Heirs on the basis of the Pasek educational-pedagogical complex kindergarten - secondary school GUO of the Volozhinsky district, special attention was paid to activities within the framework of the Year of the Small Motherland and the Republican campaign “Summer to Health!”: Walk-study " Our giant oak ", a tour of the surroundings of the agricultural town of Pasek" Wonders of a small homeland ", a video trip" Starodorozhsky district ", an excursion into the history of" Visiting the Gaspadar Vyaskovag (in the village of Paseka) ", a quest game at the stations" Traveling on Home Tracks ".
In the Bodrost recreation camp, State Educational Institution “Gymnasium No. 1 of the Columns”, a quiz game “What We Know about Belarus”, game classes “Writing on the Belarusian Land”, an extramural journey “An Artistic Image in a Belarusian Costume” were organized.
In the Rodnichok camp of the State Educational Institution "Nikolayevshchinsky Educational and Pedagogical Complex Kindergarten - Secondary School" the children enthusiastically engaged in the construction of recycled materials "The Miracle from the Garbage Basket". Entertainment events were organized: the games "Shirley-Myrli", "Together, fun to walk." In 25 labor and recreation camps, 1,660 students have been rehabilitated.
Children with disabilities and children with special needs in psychophysical development - 227 children with disabilities have been treated.
Children in socially dangerous situations, including children who are on different types of records. 502 children received recovery.
Orphans and children left without parental care - 367 children of this category were rehabilitated.
There are 5 meals a day in stationary health camps and 3 meals a day in health camps with a daily stay. Nutrition is organized on the basis of sample diets developed and approved by the Republican Center for Health Improvement and Sanatorium-and-Resort Treatment Sample diets are adapted by nutrition technologists at the departments of education, sports and tourism of district executive committees, with the obligatory taking into account the specifics of children's nutrition and the organization of a sparing regime. For the full recovery and stimulation of the immune system, daily diets of fresh vegetables and various fruits are included in the diets of children. In the form of drinks, children are offered a decoction of wild rose, juices (mainly pectin-containing), dairy products containing bifidobacteria (bifidin). With regard to confectionery products, preference is given to products enriched with macro and micronutrients: marshmallows, marmalade, pastille, pastries containing fruit fillings, raisins, dried apricots.
Monitoring of the work of health camps in the summer is ensured by conducting raid trips of regional administrations and departments, in accordance with the supervised areas. For this purpose, on the ground in 23 districts (Zhodino) of the Minsk region weekly monitoring camps of all types are carried out. In total, on June 24, 2020, about 300 trips of working groups to study the activities of the recreational camps of the region took place.