Behind the positive - in "Youth"



In the summer, boys and girls are looking forward to meeting on the shore of Lake Lukoml. The healing air of the pine forest, playgrounds, landscaped areas, the beach, full five meals a day, exciting events - all that is needed for an unforgettable vacation. Therefore, the camp "Youth" are popular among children and parents.
The camp owner spends considerable money on making boys and girls feel comfortable and safe. Over the past three years, about 240 thousand rubles have been allocated for updating the material and technical base: the club scene, the catering unit have been repaired, refrigeration and technological equipment, electric stoves, and kitchen equipment have been replaced. In residential buildings - floors and roofing. For children bought new beds, bedding. In the camp, laid new asphalt and paving slabs. Hot water is supplied to the camp around the clock. The toilets have modern urinals. Before the start of the season, current repairs of dormitory buildings were made. The frame tent, where discos are held, was covered with awnings. Now here girls and boys can dance in any weather. And so that the mood was created appropriate and it was more fun to purchase light music, LED garlands.
Every summer on the territory of the "Youth" appear original small architectural forms. Some of them were made by employees of RUE "Vitebskenergo" branches. This year, millstones arrived from Orsha to the camp. Unusual benches were installed near the administrative building and near residential buildings. On playgrounds for younger children - wooden structures for entertainment in the form of animals. Metal umbrellas were replaced on the beach area, a modern sports town was mounted at the stadium, new sports equipment was purchased.
The plans for the further development of the camp, improving the conditions for children in it are to build a modern sleeping building in Yunost.
This season, for the safe stay of children, additional restrictive measures have been introduced aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19. So, the admission of children - only by providing a medical certificate with information about the absence of first-level contact for coronavirus infection at the place of residence (stay) and the passage of mandatory daily thermometry. Hand disinfecting and personal hygiene are constantly monitored. Room cleaning - three times a day. Once with a disinfectant solution.
Parent days canceled. They will not be allowed to transfer food. In case of urgent need - only clothes and other necessary things in everyday life. All camp staff will wear medical masks. For children, this measure is optional. Despite some restrictions, rest for children will be attractive and varied. It will help to gain strength, recharge with positive emotions and find new friends.