On the work of health camps in Minsk region during the summer health campaign 2020

According to operational data, over 2 shifts in the Minsk region, 500 camps functioned where 16 424 students received health improvement. In 29 round-the-clock camps, 3,787 students rested. In 471 day camp - 12 637 children, of which:
- sports and recreation - 30 camps - 1,938 people;
- labor and recreation camps - 31 camps - 402 students.
937.4 thousand rubles were used to prepare children's health camps for the summer season of 2020:
Of them:
84.4 thousand rubles - by the Representative Office of the Minsk Regional Administration of the Republican Center for Health Improvement and Sanatorium Treatment of the Population;
217.4 thousand rubles - from regional budgets;
1.5 thousand rubles - sponsorship and humanitarian aid;
366.3 thousand rubles - from the funds of the owners of departmental health camps;
256.8 thousand rubles - from the funds earned on the subbotnik (decision of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee dated May 22, 2020 No. 414);
11.0 thousand rubles - other sources.
During the second summer shift of 2020, different types of children's health camps functioned in the districts of the Minsk region.
During the second summer shift of 2020, different types of children's health camps functioned in the districts of the Minsk region.
The work was organized within the framework of the campaigns: "Summer for Health", "Live in Belarus and Tym Ganarus"; "Thanks to the soldiers of the Victory for not knowing war"; "Kvitney, Belarus!"; "I am the gramadzyan of Belarus"; "Safe Holidays"; "Healthy Me - Healthy Country"; "Camp without cigarette smoke"; "Don't leave your children alone"; "Youth Against Tobacco"; "Stop SPICE!"; "Smoking mixtures - the threat and danger of our time"; "We comply with the laws of the roads." The work is organized in accordance with the thematic days: "We are glad to see you!", "Fair of ideas", "The sun smiles, the change begins", "At the top of fame", "Sports around the world", "The saved world remembers", "Funny guys" , "Kupala bonfire is burning", "Safety wheel", "We are your children, Belarus", "Being healthy is fashionable", "Eco-marathon", "Summer is a wonderful time", "Intellectual labyrinth", "The best day of the year "," Holiday Square ". During the shifts, various intellectual events were held: the game "We Remember the War", "Padarozhzha on the Land of Belarusians", "My Gonar - Belarus", the intellectual marathon "Cross-Question", the intellectual casino "Battle of Minds".
During two shifts, 402 students were rehabilitated in 31 labor and recreation camps. The main types of work are landscaping the school grounds, repairing school furniture, decorating the walls of the corridors of educational institutions, sewing bed linen, weeding crops, caring for forest plantations, landscape design of flower beds, etc.
Particular attention is paid to the health improvement of disabled children and children with special psychophysical development.
In order to improve the health and social adaptation of students on the basis of CCROiR in the districts of the Minsk region, to ensure independence in the framework of satisfying their basic needs, forming stereotypes of healthy behavior and an active lifestyle, health camps with a daytime form of stay for children worked. For two shifts, 383 disabled children were recovered.
Emotionally comfortable conditions were created for the children. Thanks to targeted walks, working in the garden and in the greenhouse, caring for indoor plants, children received new emotions, impressions, consolidated their previously acquired knowledge and skills. Children in a socially dangerous situation, including children in various types of registration - 595 children, and children with whom individual preventive work is carried out - 150 people were not left without attention.
For this category of children, various events were organized aimed at the formation of civil law culture, healthy lifestyle skills, prevention of asocial deviations of adolescents: interactive games "Legal scholar", drawing competition "My responsibilities in the family", an hour of questions and answers "Family and conflicts "familiarity with the Orthodox library.
In the Minsk region, 975 orphans and children left without parental care were rehabilitated.
Control over the work of health camps in the summer is ensured by conducting raid trips of regional departments and departments, according to the supervised directions. To this end, weekly monitoring of all types of camps is carried out on the ground in 23 districts (Zhodino city) of the Minsk region.