On the health improvement of children of the Gomel region in camps in the summer of 2020

In the Gomel region, according to preliminary results, in the summer of 2020, there were 10 round-the-clock health camps with a stay of at least 18 days, of which 9 are stationary and 1 on a rented base; 5 health camps with a round-the-clock stay for 15 days; 856 health camps with day stays. In total, 23864 children improved their health over the summer period.
In the summer, special attention was paid to the improvement of socially vulnerable categories of children, in particular, orphans and children left without parental care, as well as children with disabilities. During the summer, 1,213 people from the category of orphans and children left without parental care and 333 disabled children were rehabilitated.
Work was organized in 178 labor and recreation camps, in which 2352 teenagers rested and worked. With the assistance of the Labor, Employment and Social Protection Committee of the Gomel Regional Executive Committee, jobs have been created for students in various activities: landscaping the school grounds, repairing school furniture, making easels, boxes for storing mobile phones, stools for the school canteen, screens for batteries, souvenirs, weeding crops, working in a nursery, caring for forest crops and others. In the labor and recreation camps in the Gomel region, teenagers were able to earn from 25.00 to 180.00 rubles.
The administration of the recreation camps has taken measures to ensure the safe stay of children. An action plan has been implemented to prevent the importation and spread of COVID-19 infection, and actions to be taken when a disease is detected.
The Department of Internal Affairs of the Gomel Regional Executive Committee ensured the protection of public order in the territories of the camps by police officers around the clock.