On the results of the health improvement of children of the Grodno region in the summer of 2020

In the summer of 2020, 348 camps of all types and types worked in the Grodno region, in which 11 786 children were rehabilitated. Particular attention was paid to the safe stay of children. In this regard, the start of the health campaign was postponed to the end of June.
Work was organized in 42 camps with round-the-clock stay (including 20 on a rented base) in which 6085 children improved their health. For the suburban health improvement of children, the base of stationary camps was used to the maximum, which worked in 2 and 3 shift working modes. Their average occupancy rate was in line with the temporary recommendations to prevent the introduction and spread of caronovirus infection.
5701 schoolchildren improved their health in 306 day camps.
There were 33 labor and recreation camps with a day stay for 509 children in the region. The main task of this type of camps is the acquisition of practical labor skills by children, involvement in socially useful activities, the creation of conditions for professional self-determination, awareness of professional choice by children, the social significance of professional activity.
Also, in the summer period, 41 sports and health camps worked in the region, including 7 with round-the-clock stay and 34 with daytime. 2332 pupils of various sports institutions of the region combined recreation and educational process, including 1423 children in day camps and 908 in round-the-clock camps.
In order to maximize the coverage of health improvement among adolescents 15 - 18 years old, attention is paid to the organization of specialized camps (shifts, teams). About 8,900 children have been rehabilitated in health camps by profiles, areas of activity. An important condition for their effective functioning was the implementation of additional education programs for children and youth.
For effective feedback with parents and pupils, official groups on social networks were used: Instagram, Vkontakte, Facebook.
In order to ensure the safe rest of children in health camps, purposeful work was organized to form a culture of safe life among pupils. The plans and programs of educational work included various methods and forms of work in this area. During the summer health campaign, the republican campaign "Summer for Health" was carried out. Particular attention was paid to information work aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19 and a responsible attitude to one's health (information hour-discussion "How to protect yourself from COVID-19", the competition of sanitary bulletins "In the kingdom of hygiene", information minute "When the mask will help", action "Have a great summer", etc.)
During the summer health campaign, work continued on the implementation of the republican heroic-patriotic action "Great Victory - 75"! Thus, in the State Educational Institution "Slonim RCTDM" a historical excursion "They liberated Slonim" was held, in the recreation center "Youth" of the Grodno region - the creative competition "Belarus is my pride and glory", in the recreation center "Palette" of the GUO "Secondary school of the town of Krasnoselsky" - competition of drawings on asphalt "May there always be peace". 
During the work of the camps, constant preventive monitoring of their activities was organized. At the same time, the main attention was paid to compliance with the requirements of sanitary norms and rules, temporary guidelines. The monitoring covered all round-the-clock camps and most daytime ones.
On September 10, on the basis of the Grodno Regional Institute for the Development of Education, a meeting of the Regional Commission on Juvenile Affairs was held, where one of the issues considered the results of the summer health campaign in 2020 and the tasks for 2021.